Bank Blog: Tuesday Recruiting Update

Where do things stand with Ohio State and their 2013 recruiting class? When will this class start to come into focus? Who is visiting this weekend?

- Today's big news is the development that James Quick is going to be taking his official visit this weekend, which is a change in plans. Ordinarily, you wouldn't want the traditional Friday-Monday time frame, because so much attention goes into the game. Quick's visit is reportedly a Saturday morning-Monday morning deal, which gives Urban Meyer PLENTY of one-on-one time with the superstar wideout. Do I expect a commitment to Ohio State next week? No, but I'm thinking that day will occur at some point, and I can see Meyer kicking off his February 6th evening press conference talking about James Quick.

- Actually fielded a call today from a college coach not involved in Mike Mitchell's recruitment, but very familiar with the five-star linebacker. He told me straight up that Mitchell is the best linebacker prospect he has seen in person the past three years he's been recruiting Texas. When asked what the scuttlebutt is regarding Mitchell's recruitment, he replied "I think Ohio State gets him, and I think Texas A&M is out of it." We shall see.

- Vonn Bell is not supposed to be an early enrollee, so time is actually not as much of an issue as was previously reported. I expect the official visit to occur, but it might be after the holidays. Regardless, I have Ohio State "in the game" for Bell, and dead even at this point. That is up from "pretty far behind", as recent as a few weeks ago.

- Ryan Timmons is one heck of a player, and he definitely has the talent to play at Ohio State. But he's a PLAN-B kid right now, primarily because of James Quick and Shelton Gibson. If one of those falls off the radar, and I do not see that happening, OR there is more room than originally planned, I can easily see Timmons being offered.

- I was told, and I believe it, that Gareon Conley has asked Oregon for a firm offer before he risks putting his Michigan offer in jeopardy by visiting. I was told the Ducks told Conley they cannot take him right now, but something could open up in January. I see Ohio State as the third school here, and I could see Conley sticking with Michigan and not visiting Ohio State at all. But this could all break loose at some point. Should Conley decide to visit Ohio State this weekend, and I've not been told he is, all heck would then break loose. From where I sit today, I see Conley signing with Michigan on National Signing Day.

- Donovan Munger had a great visit to UCLA, and one of the keys was the fact that his mother joined him on the visit. She has not been to Ohio State yet, and this weekend's unofficial visit is supposedly with his head coach, and not mom. The Bruins have a great shot at landing Munger, and they impressed him by beating UCLA and playing 11 freshman in the process. As an offensive lineman at UCLA, he has a path to the field that's pretty inviting. As a defensive tackle at Ohio State, there is quite a logjam alongside and ahead of him. This could make the difference in the end.

- I absolutely do not have anyone on "commitment watch" for this weekend, but that doesn't mean something could not happen. Of the 2013 prospects visiting for the Michigan game, there isn't one I would term a potential to pop this weekend. But, maybe I'm selling Urban Meyer way too short. I could almost see a 2014 commitment before a 2013 player dropping, but you have to see how this shakes out.

- I was also told the national coaching situation is about to "explode", with not only the usual suspects getting fired, but possibly some surprise coaches being run. How could this impact Ohio State going forward? Luke Fickell will always be mentioned for MAC jobs, and Tom Herman could be a hot commodity in the Southwest. These would be the two most logical to move onward and upward.

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