Horton Saw Difference In "The Game"

Mikel Horton made his third Ohio State game on Saturday and clearly saw the difference when the opponent is Michigan. We caught up with Horton following his visit.

One of the top running back prospects in Ohio for the 2014 class is West Chester (Ohio) Lakota West power back Mikel Horton.

Saturday, Horton (6-foot-1, 225-pounds)got his chance to see "The Game" up close.

"This was my third Ohio State game," said Horton. "The intensity and physicality of both teams was up there and the atmosphere was way higher. Of course it was a rivalry game and it has been going on for a while, but it was a big change for me."

Did Horton have a chance to speak with any of the Buckeye coaches?

"No, when I first got there I went and got my tickets and went down on the field to talk with some of the players," said Horton. "I also left early to beat traffic because it was going to be real bad. So I didn't speak with any of the coaches."

One thing Horton quickly learned is Buckeye fans are eager to show their pride.

"Some of the students and fans were yelling for me to go to Ohio State," said Horton "Some knew who I was from my previous camps and what I did this past season and that was neat. I had an awesome time."

As for what Horton is up to since his season ended should be of no surprise.

"I've been working out as my dad has been working me out," explained Horton. "I'm just trying to get ready for when we start lifting with my coach and get ready to have a strong senior season."

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