Transcript: Denard, Roundtree Postgame

The two senior leaders talk about what happened in the game, particularly the second half.

Denard, I think the obvious question here is what happened in the second half? In the first half you moved the ball, the second half you couldn't get much going. Talk about what changed.

ROBINSON: Too many turnovers. We had three turnovers in the second half, and in order for you to win this game, you have to have control of the ball, and hold on to the ball.

Did you feel like they were keying on you a lot more in the second half, whenever you were in the game?

ROBINSON: I think they came down a little harder than they were before.

What do you mean by that?

ROBINSON: Yeah, they came down a little more, and moved closer to the line to play run support more.

Denard, you had success with the power sweeps in the first half, with two guys blocking, and you didn't do it again in the second.

ROBINSON: We did it one time in the second half.

But you didn't have the same pattern of success.

ROBINSON: No, we didn't.

Denard, did you re-injure yourself at all? You weren't in in the last few series.

ROBINSON: No, I did not re-injure myself. I'm healthy.

Could you have thrown the ball?

ROBINSON: Yeah, I mean, Coach called the play and we went with it. You have to just focus and play ball.

Did you feel confident before the game?


Both of you guys, what are the emotions after losing your last regular season game here?

ROUNDTREE: You know, it hurt, but we have to look at the mistakes that we made.

ROBINSON: It was the reason we lost the game, we had three turnovers in the third quarter – in the second half, and that's not acceptable when you want to win.

Sorry if you addressed this just a few minutes ago, but once it got into the second half you guys had so much success moving the ball. What changed in the second half? Did you think you would be in there more running the ball in the second half?

ROBINSON: I mean, we just didn't have that much success running the ball in the second half.

On the fourth down play, was it just an inside zone for you on fourth down, or –

ROBINSON: Yeah, that was me. I have to come a little tighter and get outside a little more, so I made a bad read on the run, and that's my fault.

For Denard or Roy, do you feel like fourth down play changed a lot of things momentum-wise for you, or changed the game? It seemed like it might have been the turning point.

ROBINSON: I don't think so. I think we could have executed better. I mean, one play can't change the whole game. I mean, we have to keep going, we have to execute and keep going, so I think that was just one of those bumps in the road.

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