Big Visit Week On Tap

Ohio State is looking to hit a home run this week, as the Buckeyes will be hosting four highly-rated prospects on official visits. The experts weighed in on the impact of the having Mike Mitchell (pictured), Donovan Munger, Gareon Conley and David Dawson on campus for 48 hours.

Urban Meyer and Ohio State currently have the number-nine rated recruiting class in the country, but that number could rise dramatically following this week's official visits.

Who is visiting this week, and what are Ohio State's chances of landing each prospect? The experts give their views on this week's visitors.

Mike Mitchell. FIVE-STAR. Middle linebacker. Prestonwood, Texas. 6-foot-4, 225-pounds. National Recruiting Analyst Greg Powers: "This is a big visit for Mitchell, because he's had Ohio State at, or near, the top of his board for months. He's never seen the campus yet, and be able to see what Ohio State is all about. I believe once he sets foot on campus, he's going to fall in love with the traditions and the football atmosphere surrounding the program. He is not from the state of Texas, and is from the Orlando area, so he doesn't have ties to the state. He's been open to the national programs for a long time. Should Ohio State land him, I feel he would be a player that could be ready to contribute right off the bat."

POWERS' TAKE: "I've felt all along that Ohio State was going to land Mitchell, and he also has Oregon and Texas A&M as his finalists. I think Ohio State is in the driver's seat, and I'm not predicting a commitment this weekend, but if he's blown away on the visit, I could see it happening."

Donovan Munger. FOUR-STAR. Defensive tackle. Shaker Heights (OH). 6-foot-3, 290-pounds. Ohio Recruiting Analyst Bill Greene: "This is a tough one to call, because while Munger is a great kid, he isn't the most talkative person in the world. While other teams could possibly sneak in the picture, maybe Oklahoma, I see this as a two-team race between Ohio State and UCLA. Munger has taken an official to UCLA, and absolutely loved it. This coming official visit to Ohio State will probably tell the tale, and I believe Urban Meyer will push Munger for answer, in order to help determine where the Buckeyes stand from a numbers standpoint."

GREENE'S TAKE: "Munger was definitely impressed that UCLA played 11 freshmen against USC, and he will have an easier path to the field. That would be the only advantage the Bruins hold over Ohio State, and Munger is well aware of the depth chart. Impossible to guess before the visit occurs, but my guess is Munger will either commit to Ohio State on the visit or shortly after, or be headed to UCLA."

A HINT, OR NOTHING TO SEE HERE? When Ohio State defeated Michigan two weeks ago, Munger was one of the first recruits to jump the fence and storm the field in excitement. A sign? Or nothing to be concerned with?

Gareon Conley. FOUR-STAR. Cornerback/wide receiver. Massillon (OH). 6-foot-2, 175-pounds. Ohio Recruiting Analyst Bill Greene: "With Gareon, it's very clear that he feels he committed too soon to Michigan, and since September has talked about taking other visits. My experience in recruiting is that recruits that de-commit rarely end up back with the original school, but Conley could be different. With an official visit to Ohio State this week, and one at Michigan the following week, this one should be over quickly. Will there be a repeat of last year, when Meyer had Brionte Dunn visit first, and got the Michigan trip cancelled?"

National Recruiting Analyst Allen Trieu: "Conley is a tossup to me, and a tough one to figure. Last week, I thought it was all Ohio State, until I saw he would visit Michigan the week after. I'm going to stick with Michigan, because I think it's harder for kids to de-commit, then it is to stick with a school and deal with all the backlash, but it's almost impossible to predict before either visit takes place."

GREENE'S TAKE: "Much like Munger, I feel this will be decided very early. Ordinarily in recruiting, teams want the last visit, but if you're going against Urban Meyer, odds are you might not see the kid again until he suits up against you. But, should Conley make the return trip to Ann Arbor, I would have Michigan back in the driver's seat."

A HINT, OR NOTHING TO SEE HERE? It is not believed that Conley attended one Michigan home game this season, despite the fact that three of his teammates did make unofficial visits to Ann Arbor, so the "I didn't have a ride" card cannot be played. Conley did visit Ohio State for the game against Michigan.

David Dawson. FOUR-STAR. Guard. Detroit Cass Tech. 6-foot-4, 290-pounds. Allen Trieu: "David has not been to Ohio State in quite a while, so this will give him a chance to see the school for the first time in a long time. This will give him a lot of quality time with the coaching staff, and the other recruits. I think this visit is bigger than any of his other visits, just because he isn't all that familiar with Ohio State at all."

TRIEU'S TAKE: "I think right now it would be hard-pressed to not see him go back to Michigan, especially after everything that has transpired. Michigan re-offering him was huge, but it remains to be seen if that relationship can be repaired. I would say if I had to pick one, it would be Michigan, but it would not surprise me to see him end up at a different school."

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