Bank Blog: Recruiting Update

With one official visitor already on campus, and three more expected shortly, what does Ohio State hope to accomplish this weekend? What should Buckeye fans oook forward to going forward?

- The biggest recruiting weekend of the year might have been the Michigan game, but this weekend could be the most important for Ohio State. By Sunday night, Urban Meyer should have a far clearer picture of where he stands with numbers and with specific position targets. Both answers will shape the direction of how Ohio State will target the remaining prospects on the board, and will clarify the status of several PLAN-B types.

- Gareon Conley might not be the biggest name to recruiting fans, but his talent is comparable to Bradley Roby when both were at the same stage of their careers. Conley just might commit to Ohio State this weekend if all goes well, but he is a very thoughtful and deliberate person, so taking the Michigan visit next week would not be a shock, nor would it automatically mean he has eliminated Ohio State. This one could go for a while, but Ohio State could press him for a decision, so they know where to proceed with others.

- Mike Mitchell is the biggest fish on the line at the moment, and this visit should be the deciding factor in where Ohio State heads in linebacker recruiting. All signs point to success for the Buckeyes at this time, so by Sunday night this one should be extremely clear to Meyer where he needs to move next. This one appears to be cut and dried, and a weekend commitment from Mitchell would not be a shocker.

- Donovan Munger is a very interesting prospect because he plays a position that is a strength for Ohio State, but the Buckeyes want him. This is probably down to Ohio State and UCLA, with early playing time being the big hangup for Ohio State and Munger. If Urban can successfully overcome that point, Munger stands a decent chance of being in this class.

- Tommy Sanders will be the third JUCO linebacker to visit, so it's hard to judge where he fits in the pecking order. He currently does not have an offer, so that in itself is telling. Have to see if he leaves with one before getting too excited, and that could show if they feel good about Mitchell and Trey Johnson.

******OTHER NOTES******

- Hard to see how anyone could have felt confident about David Dawson being a Buckeye, so yesterday's news was pretty comical. And it did nothing to lower my thoughts on Dawson signing with Ohio State, because they couldn't get any lower. Is there a chance he could visit later on? With Dawson, all things are possible, but I think he's going to Michigan.

- Haven't heard back from my source on James Quick, but there's no way the Charlie Strong news can be viewed as a positive for Ohio State's chances. Louisville going to the ACC is a positive, having Teddy Bridgewater as the QB for the next two years is another positive, the thought that Quick could catch 70 balls as a true freshman at Louisville will be stressed, as will staying and being the hometown hero. But all that gets enhanced by Strong staying with the Cardinals. Have zero inside on how this impacts Quick, but my gut feeling says it's not good for Ohio State. Will do some checking.

- Still feeling bullish on Trey Johnson to Ohio State, and not sure the hiring of Gus Malzahn moves the needle back an inch toward Auburn. Whether or not Sanders leaves Columbus with an offer could tell us how Ohio State feels about their chances with Johnson, but they felt EXTREMELY confident following the official visit and subsequent home visit.

- The Vonn Bell saga rolls on and he still could have two more weekends of football to play. This has always been a tough one for Ohio State, but they made a move upward in the past month and will more than likely need a home run official visit before feeling confident they can land the safety. Not seeing a quick ending in his recruitment.

- There are plenty of wide receiver candidates out there, and they could come into play if Quick indeed stays at home with Louisville. Corn Elder and Corey Smith have official visits upcoming, and Ryan Timmons is waiting in the wings. There are PLAN-B options available, and I could see Meyer staying in Robert Foster's ear until National Signing Day, just for the fun of it.

- Skai Moore plays in the championship game this weekend in Florida, which pushes him back to a later date. That is probably fine with Ohio State, because the Trey Johnson deal probably bumped Moore back to PLAN-B anyway, and this gives Ohio State more time.

- Shelton Gibson and Christopher Worley figure to be in this class. With Gibson, it's all about Ohio State taking him, which I think they will if all is good academically. For Worley, it's all about when Meyer and Ted Ginn want it made public.

- Still have to think a move has to be made on the offensive line, and there is a LONG way to go in recruiting. A LONG way to go.

- Just HOW long is there to go? Consider that last year at this time Urban Meyer had been on the job for two weeks, and was shocked at what he found from a recruiting perspective. Calls not being made. Prospects not on file. Incomplete recruiting lists. Those issues did not prevent Meyer and his newly-formed staff from blitzing December and January, while setting the recruiting world on fire. The problems of the past were solved rather quickly, so there's no reason to not expect a repeat of last year's fast finish. With the previous regime, recruiting was basically finished by early December. With Meyer, it's just getting warmed up, and I will stunned beyond belief if new names do not pop up over the coming weeks.

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