Prospect Breakdown: Donovan Munger

Ohio State's latest commitment for their 2013 recruiting class is defensive tackle Donovan Munger. How will the four-star lineman from Shaker Heights fit in at Ohio State?

PROFILE: Donovan Munger.

SCHOOL: Shaker Heights.

SIZE: 6-foot-3, 290-pounds.

POSITION: Defensive tackle.

RANKING: Four-star.

PLAYER COMPARISON: This is a very tough player to make a comparison to another, because Munger is SO raw as a football player. What exactly do I mean by "raw" as a player? First off, Munger does not play in one of Ohio's power programs, so he has not been pushed every day in practice like he needs to be. He also has not dedicated himself in the weight room like he will over the next year. By playing both sides of the football at his school, Munger has not had the daily training at one specific position, which he will get at Ohio State. The opposite of raw would be Billy Price or Joey Bosa, where it's pretty evident what Ohio State is getting with both. There is a lot of upside to Munger, and we really don't know what type of player he could turn out to be.

WHAT TO LIKE ABOUT MUNGER: First off, Meyer loves players that are versatile enough to play either side of the football, although I fully expect Munger to start out at defensive tackle. He has size, quick feet, and the bigger body that can hold 325-pounds if that's what they need him to do. I believe Munger has the desired work ethic to succeed at the next level, and truly feel his best football is ahead of him. He could be the next Johnathan Hankins, or he could be the next Evan Blankenship, but more than likely wind up somewhere in between both players.

WHAT TO BE CONCERNED WITH: There aren't many red flags at all with Munger, and the expectation is that if he works his tail off and becomes what his potential shows, Ohio State is getting one heck of a talent. There is no injury history, and he played over 100 plays per game in high school, so effort shouldn't be in question. He will need to reshape his body, as most freshmen linemen do, and Munger will have to put forth maximum effort in the weight room to achieve that.

WHAT ARE THE INTANGIBLES: Munger certainly has the respect of Shaker Heights head coach Jarvis Gibson, who raves about his star. He has leadership qualities, even though Munger is more the strong, silent type, and not a yeller or screamer at all. Whether at Shaker Heights, or working out at Raw Talent Sports, Munger has been one who always takes the time to help the younger players, and exhibits zero ego going about his business. If he takes to the direction of Urban Meyer, Mickey Marotti and Mike Vrabel, then Ohio State might have landed themselves one heck of a football player in Donovan Munger.

Here are a few clips of Munger (#50) in action:

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