Bank Blog: Recruiting Update

With the dead period coming into play this coming Monday, where does Ohio State stand currently? Spots are tight and there are plenty of candidates out there, but who is a realistic possibility?

This is the last weekend for in-person contact before the dead period break between December 18-January 3, and Ohio State has chosen to sit tight and not host any visitors. Is this class falling into place?


- Tommy Sanders DOES have a commitable offer, and is on an official visit to South Carolina this weekend. But everyone knows where Sanders will be this weekend, and that's not news at all. Where will he be on January 8? Now THAT would be news. By the way, Tommy Sanders will be sitting in a classroom at Ohio State on January 8. Thank you very much.

- Mike Mitchell is the big prize still left out there, and all signs are pointing to Ohio State. You never say never until the fax rolls off the machine, but it's hard to see Mitchell anywhere but Ohio State.

- Trey Johnson is another linebacker Ohio State desperately wants, and like the two mentioned above, I think he also signs with the Buckeyes. Long way until National Signing Day, but this one looks to be in the "W" column for Urban Meyer.

- Christopher Worley will be in this class as well, and that's been my broken record since last July. No reason to change tunes at this point in time. Grades are a tad sketchy, but nothing that shouldn't fall into place.

- Shelton Gibson might be in a far more sketchier situation than Worley, and he might take all the way to May graduation to qualify. Will Ohio State sign him, and have him go to Fork Union for a semester? Would Gibson agree to that? If he doesn't qualify, he won't have any choice in the matter. Ohio State probably wants to see this current grading period's results first, which is why the Gibson visit has been pushed to January. If he gets everything in order, I see Gibson in the class.


- James Quick is wanted by Urban Meyer, but this is not going to be an easy pull at all. There were rumors that Quick committed to Strong last summer, with the caveat that the coach must stay at Louisville. Hard to know if that's true or not, but it could be. Regardless, Meyer will chase Quick until told to stop recruiting him. That has not happened yet, and this one is anybody's guess.

- Vonn Bell is the next one in the undecided category, and this has been a tough recruitment to track. I'm not super optimistic he ends up in Columbus, but I have no inside information saying he won't be. Gotta think an official visit needs to be made to have a shot.


- Corey Smith has committed to Mississippi State, but Ohio State assistant Zach Smith followed up at the school within 48 hours of the commitment, so the Buckeyes must still want to remain in the picture. Smith has stated he will not take any of his remaining visits, and I have stated I have a bridge in New York City for sale. I see visits on the horizon. There's no way Ohio State would take the threesome of Quick, Gibson and Smith, so this one gets put off to mid-January.


If there is one, and you just HAVE to think there will be at least one, it figures to be an offensive lineman. I do not have a name, but they would love to add another one to Evan Lisle and Tim Gardner.


- Corn Elder and Ryan Timmons have better players in front of them, and are PLAN-D and E.

- David Dawson has been a fun recruitment to follow this far, and will be just as fun to follow going forward. NOT coming to Ohio State.

- Max Redfield is not coming to Ohio State. Thank you.

- Kenny Lacy was never, ever interested in Ohio State. Thank you very much.

- Dontre Wilson will not be a Buckeye. Thanks for playing.

- Mike Heuerman will not be a Buckeye, ALTHOUGH there was a day last summer.......... but not now.

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