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FORT MYERS, Fla. --- Justin Jackson's opening round game at the City of Palms Classic just so happened to be against the nation's No. 3 team (Huntington Prep) and the No. 1 prospect (Andrew Wiggins). After scoring 19 points in defeat, the 6-8 junior spoke about his game and updated his recruitment.

How do you feel like your junior season has gone so far - and how you've been playing?

Individually, I've been playing pretty well. It's a different role going from AAU to a normal season. I feel like I've been leading the team pretty well and I've been doing pretty well individually.

How about how you did today?

Today I feel like I did pretty well. Some of the shots didn't go for me, but somedays they don't. We played pretty well as a team, we hung in there - third quarter wasn't as good as it should have been but that's a good team, hats off to them.

Seems like you've got that floater down pat...

Yeah, it just sort of comes naturally to me.

You appear to be playing with more physicality. Saw a lot more aggressiveness to get yourself open, and that's especially needed against someone like Wiggins. Is that something you've been working on?

Yeah that's my main thing - trying to get stronger. That's been the whole thing since I started playing basketball, to keep getting stronger.

What other areas do you think you've improved in?

Lateral quickness. My athleticism keeps on getting better. And playing with the ball more, not off the ball on offense.

There have been rumors that you're getting close to a college decision? Can you speak to that and where you are with your recruitment?

I'm still open. There are going to be a ton of rumors, but I'm still open. North Carolina is in there, Washington, Georgetown, Texas, Baylor, Ohio State. Everybody is still in there.

With the new rule, juniors can start taking official visits next month. Have you thought about taking advantage of that?

Our season is getting pretty busy. We'll try to figure that out at some time but right now I'm just trying to focus on the season.

What's the next step with your recruitment?

I don't really have a list out, so I'll try to get a list out sometime soon.

You made a second trip to Carolina in the fall, and they came out to your school earlier this month, what have they been saying to you of late?

They came down two weeks ago. They say they're really interested.

Have they tried to push for a commitment?

They have a little bit - a little bit ...

What's your take on UNC?

I like them. Obviously Coach Williams is one of the best coaches to ever coach and the assistant staff, I like them.

Now, your family knows some people in the N.C. area. Is that family or friends? And will that factor into your decision?

I don't have family (there), but we have some good friends that are there. But that doesn't really play a factor.

Is any other school also trying to push for a commitment now?

... Pretty much everybody is asking when I'm going to commit. There's not really anybody that is trying to push the hardest.

What's going to be the biggest factor that ultimately makes the decision for you?

I think it's just that time whenever my family and I feel like it's the best fit. Whether it's the coaching staff or I feel at home at the college. Whenever my family and I feel like it's the right time, that's when I'm going to do it.

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