Ward Visits Florida, Updates Status

Chicago Hales Franciscan (Ill.) junior offensive tackle Denzel Ward, a 6'9, 290-lb prospect, talks about his recent visit to Florida and where he stands with his Michigan commitment. He also details a recent conversation between his mother and the Wolverine staff.

The Florida Gators hosted 6'9, 290-lb junior offensive tackle Denzel Ward. The Chicago Hales Franciscan prospect has been committed to Michigan since October, but landed a Florida offer and visited the campus. He says it was a good trip.

"Coach Muschamp is a Gainesville native and he loves college football more than anything, so his commitment to the program is long term. Coach Davis and Coach Muschamp as well, are two coaches who have one national championships elsewhere and coached on the NFL level, which shows they have pro-caliber knowledge."

Beyond that, Ward had a chance to see the sights and sounds at Florida, and a lot of what he saw matched up to what had previously seen in Ann Arbor.

"The campus is right up with Michigan to me and their stadium has history within itself. They showed me that plenty of opportunities are available but they also told me what type of work I have to put in. The SEC is a different type of football. It has that classic smash mouth football sense with a crazy different level of speed."

Not all of the opportunities presented to Ward involve football.

"I would have the opportunity to be the first Outland Trophy winner and fourth Heisman there," he said laughing, "and Coach Muschamp will let me be a walk-on for the basketball team. I believe a new era is going to start soon at Florida and it's called the Muschampionship Era."

On his Michigan commitment, Ward says, "I am still a Michigan commit. I have no problems with the staff there to make it clear with all fans."

He has not spoken to the staff, but said, "My mother has, and that's why I'm still fine with my commit status for now. All I know is I can take visits to other places for a short amount of time before other decisions have to be [made]."

Since the news of Ward taking other visits hit the airwaves, he has had to deal with a lot of questions, particularly on social media from fans, and he had a message for everyone involved.

"My last words to everybody is stay positive to recruits. These are life decisions and take time, Go Blue for my Michigan fans and Chomp Chomp to those Gators!"

Ward says he has no other visits scheduled at this time, but has fielded recent interest from Alabama and Stanford.

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