Big Weekend On Tap

With the current dead period ending this Friday, Ohio State will be hosting several prospects on official visits this weekend. Although most visits have been scheduled for a while, there will be one surprise visitor in Columbus this weekend.

The numbers situation at Ohio State has been discussed at length for the past year, and it is now the time where the rubber is meeting the road in Columbus.

For everyone that laughed that dropping to 82 from 85 was no big deal, take a moment to reflect on that foolish thought. It is a HUGE deal, BANK that.

This is going to be the last big visit weekend at Ohio State, and although the Buckeye would love to know where they stand from a number's standpoint, it probably WILL NOT be clarified after this Sunday.

Here are this weekend's visitors:

Vonn Bell: This is the biggest fish left on the board, and while Ohio State would love to know his answer this weekend, I don't see that happening. Either way, Bell's scholarship gets held until he decides, which could be why they're holding off two linemen, Cameron Hunt and Dan Skipper, until later. Bell going elsewhere could also open up another wide receiver, while him choosing Ohio State knocks somebody off the board.

Christopher Worley: Will be a Buckeye...... IF, big IF, he qualifies. And I believe he will be qualified.

Corey Smith: Definitely factors into the numbers situation, and right now it's a tough call about adding two more wide receivers, or taking one wideout and adding an offensive lineman. Which goes back to Bell. Smith probably wants a definite OFFER from Ohio State this weekend, and if he does not get it, he will eliminate the Buckeyes. I think he cannot be held off any longer, and he will want clarification between offer and OFFER. Should it be an OFFER, Ohio State could have commitment number-22 by Sunday evening.

Shelton Gibson: Might possibly come down to either/or with Gibson and Smith, but Ohio State could take both if they work the numbers that way. Gibson "might" be a player they could hold off until a later date, unlike Smith, but that might be a dangerous game with West Virginia and Kentucky looming for him. While I see Smith learning his fate this weekend, Gibson could remain on the market a little longer unless Ohio State takes his commitment this weekend.

Cornelius Elder: Would seem to be a pure PLAN-C option at this point, especially with Gibson and Smith being tight fits, but you never know. I do not see Ohio State being able to take three more receivers, so he is in the longshot category to me.

Ryan Timmons: Another PLAN-C option for most of the reasons mentioned above, but stranger things have happened. Regardless, I see both Timmons and Elder as backup options, and both would need Gibson AND Smith falling off the board to get offered. I do not see that happening at all.

At the end of this weekend, it's entirely possible that Ohio State could be adding two more commits to the 2013 recruiting class (Worley and a wide receiver). That should leave one more spot for Bell, possibly an offensive tackle or possibly another wide receiver, depending upon what Bell does.

I think there are three more spots available at Ohio State, and they are saved for Bell, Worley and a wide receiver. Should Bell go elsewhere, that spot would go to a lineman (Skipper, Hunt, or a newcomer) or another wide receiver.

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