Bank Blog: Recruiting Update

Ohio State hosted several top prospects this past weekend in what was their last big recruiting push for the 2013 class. How did things go for the top targets left on the Buckeye recruiting board?

- Christopher Worley obviously committed Friday, which leaves two spots left in the 2013 Ohio State recruiting class. That number could go to three, as they will hold a spot for super safety Vonn Bell as long as needed. The Worley commit brings a long, athletic, defender into the mix, and a player that could fill multiple roles.

- Pay no attention to Twitter posts, unknown internet blogs, or flat out guesses by folks who have no clue on Vonn Bell. The visit ABSOLUTELY DID go well for Ohio State, and they are positioned right where they need to be to land the star safety. The official visits were always going to tell the tale with Bell, and this one was a 10, from people who spoke to him from the Ohio State side of things.

- Bell was hosted by Ryan Shazier, and both players are similar in attitudes and personalities. Jalin Marshall also continued his friendship with Bell that was strengthened by a week together in Orlando. Ohio State was a slight leader going into the official visits, per a source close to Bell, and this weekend was a hit with the player and his family.

- What will be the difference between Alabama, Ohio State and Tennessee for Bell? We are being told that Tennessee has too much ground to gain and this is really a two-team race between Alabama and Ohio State. Urban Meyer and Bell have forged an excellent relationship, and Nick Saban will be in the home tomorrow night looking to solidify his spot. The Alabama official visit is still coming too. What will sway Bell? Alabama's championship run and the opportunity to play each week at the highest level of football? Or can Meyer's relationship and a far more appealing depth chart seal the deal for Ohio State? Both schools afford him the opportunity to get to the League and be coached by the best, so now we wait to see how the Alabama official visit turns out.

- The bottom line is that Ohio State is right where they need to be with Bell, and although it would be only be a wild guess, I'm seeing the player at Ohio State in the end.

- Look for Urban Meyer and either Tom Herman or Zach Smith to be visiting Corey Smith this week at East Mississippi Community College to tie up a few loose ends. Meyer laid out a plan for Smith to be at Ohio State this weekend, and although there still might be a few loose ends that need tied up, the Buckeyes have more than a great shot to flip Smith from Mississippi State. I would expect to see this come to its conclusion in the next few days, and by next Friday Corey Smith "could" be a Buckeye. I'm expecting Smith to be in this class on National Signing Day.

- Corn Elder and Shelton Gibson are tougher to predict, and while there's no way both end up in this class, it's still possible for one of them. Smith takes precedence over both of these two, but if things go south with him, either of these two could sneak in. I'm not seeing either one in the class, but that's a guess and not any word from anyone on the inside at all.

- Not sure how Ohio State will proceed with Dan Skipper and/or Cameron Hunt. I can see two coming from a group of Smith, Elder, Gibson, Hunt and Skipper, with Smith being a high favorite. No clue what order the remaining four would be ranked on the Ohio State board.

- Can there be new names popping up at this late of a date? Yes, especially if they pass on all or at least four out of the above group. James Clark popped up today, and Ohio State has made preliminary contact. There could be others. Regardless, this is going to be another Top-5 class at Ohio State.

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