Tuesday Morning Recruiting Summary

Coming off a big recruiting weekend, Ohio State is still making moves in an attempt to fill out the 2013 recruiting class. Where do things stand at this moment? Here are ten points to ponder.

1- From my point of view really not much has changed over the past 24 hours from where I thought they were Sunday night-Monday morning.

2- There were 2 new WR offers issued which is not at all surprising to me. They need playmakers in this class and want another WR. After losing Quick, and he is lost and not coming back, they had to move on. As we have said before often, they WILL NOT stop recruiting regardless of numbers. Right up to the first Wednesday in February.

3- With deepest apologies to Mr. Chung, the Corey Smith situation is not resolved yet. And it might take a while. There are I's to dot and T's to cross, and I'm sticking with that. Can I PLEASE be more specific? No, I can't so I won't. For those not so in-tune, Corey had transcript issues in high school. He has been to two different JUCO's in the past two years after leaving his high school mess. Try to figure that out. Not that difficult boys and girls.

4- Shelton Gibson is OUT, and once he left OSU without committing the writing was on that wall for me. Could it still be put back together? Anything is possible, but I do not see him at OSU.

5- Corn Elder is a guy I'm hearing still has a shot to be in the final number, but they are looking for a better option. If Smith falls through and they can't get James Clark to visit, and they can't get anyone else, they could turn to Elder late.

6- Not sure how they proceed with the 2 O-linemen. Dan Skipper has been put off to later. Cameron Hunt is there now. I see 2 spots left. One for Bell and one for someone else. Could they go to three? Possibly if it's the RIGHT three.

7- Oh yah, I almost forgot to mention Vonn Bell. To me, NOTHING has changed with Bell. It's possible he could have issued a silent verbal to Nick Saban on Monday. Vonn said he has not committed to anyone. My take on this issue? Big deal. The official visits will tell the tale and they are not all taken yet. I would be stunned beyond belief if Bell HASN'T issued silent verbals to all three schools recruiting him, so to me, yesterday meant zero.

8- Could Vonn Bell end up at Alabama? OF COURSE, it's freaking Alabama and enough said there. Why not look closely at the school that has won three of the last four titles? Why not play for a coach that sends players to the League like other coaches send out dry cleaning? Why not play in the best conference against the best competition? I get that Alabama is a great option, but Urban Meyer and Vonn Bell have a great relationship and Bell was quite comfortable at Ohio State.

9- The two biggest buzz words in recruiting are comfort and relationships. Without both, you WILL NOT get the player. He has to feel comfortable you will meet his needs. And there must be a connection between player and coach, and that connection can take place over a long period of time or in one meeting. But like in a marriage, that connection better be there or it's not taking place and you can cancel the date at the church. Could Bell be comfortable and have great relationships at both Ohio State and Alabama? Absolutely.

10- Ohio State is most definitely in the game for Bell and I could see him signing with the Buckeyes on Signing Day. But there are compelling reasons for him to pick Alabama. This is recruiting at the highest level, between two of the best in the game. Someone lands Bell and the other moves on. It happens all the time with the best players, and this isn't like recruiting Little Jimmy from Springfield, Ohio. This is recruiting at the top of the charts. Sit back and enjoy the show.

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