UNC Goes In-Home With Jackson

Roy Williams visited the home of Justin Jackson on Wednesday night. The Houston (Texas) HCYA junior wing hosted the Tar Heel head coach for four hours and then spoke with InsideCarolina.com about the experience ...

How did the visit go?
They got here around six so they stayed for almost four hours. They sat down and brought some stuff on academics, obviously on the basketball program and Coach Williams and basically his pedigree and stuff like that. We sat down and ate dinner and just chatted for a while, so it was good.

What was UNC's pitch?
That he wanted to be my college coach. He said they wanted me. But not only that, but they sort of need me. Obviously colleges can pick anyone they want so it's an honor for a Hall of Fame coach like that to say that. That was pretty much the gist of it, he said they want me and they need me.

Were you able to learn anything new with the in-home visit?
Not really, no. It allowed me to get more comfortable with Coach Williams and Coach Robinson, but I didn't really learn much [new].

What sticks out to you the most about North Carolina?
The main thing that sticks with me is the atmosphere and all the support they get from fans and stuff like that. It's pretty crazy. Just the facilities and all of that. Honestly it all speaks for itself.

How is your relationship with Coach Williams?
It's getting better and better. Honestly the first time I ever talked to him was when he called and offered me. But I mean it's getting better and better. Tonight really helped to just sit down and talk with him and not even about North Carolina or them recruiting me or anything like that, but just to talk with him.

Did they talk to you about the next in them recruiting you?
We are going to try and set up an official (visit) sometime in the next month or so before AAU probably. That's pretty much the next step for us.

Is that the next step with your recruitment in general? Going on more visits?
I think so. I think that's pretty much all we can do. We've built pretty good relationships with coaches so now I think it's getting out and seeing a few places.

What stood out the most about UNC's presentation tonight?
There are of colleges that are going to try and tell you what you want to hear to get them to go to their school, but I could tell they were sincere. They were really real with us. They said coming in I could be a great player, but it wouldn't be easy. He let me know what I need to get better at and what I do good now, but also what I need to do better to be good at the next level and possibly go to the next level after that. They were real with me.

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