Bank Blog: Recruiting Update

There has been plenty of Ohio State recruiting news lately, and it seems to take a different turn or twist by the hour. Wednesday came news of an offer for Ryan Timmons (pictured), and the chance that the Corey Smith situation could be getting hotter.

- The news that Connor Crowell and Joey O'Connor were departing from the program came out today, and could be termed as "big" news. Were these two already figured into the final number, or does this give Ohio State more room than originally thought?

- Ryan Timmons was offered today, and there are questions of what type of offer it is. Is he a taker today? Why didn't he take it on the spot? It's rumored to be a gray-shirt offer, but I do not believe that is true. Next year's numbers are tighter than the current numbers, so that doesn't seem plausible. Timmons had his visit cancelled by Ohio State two weeks ago, so why he is an offer candidate today? Gotta see where this progresses, but an official visit would be telling.

- Corey Smith will be visited tomorrow by Zach Smith and Tom Herman, and that is a necessary step to having him in the class. There are questions to be answered, and Smith could definitely be in the class. This one is still alive, and a definite possibility. Without the in-person visit, this was never going to be reality.

- Tomorrow will also see a home visit with Donovan Munger and his mother, with Mike Vrabel. Have to think the impromptu visit to Florida State gets hashed out, and there should be some resolution by tomorrow evening. Have to think Ohio State will want to know exactly where things stand with Munger, from a numbers standpoint and a talent standpoint.

- James Clark is a wide receiver that has blown up recently, and he has one visit left. Will it be Ohio State or Florida? Seeing how he has been to Gainesville several times already, there really isn't a need to take an official to Florida. I feel if he schedules with Ohio State, he's a definite possibility to be in the class. If he visits Florida again, it would seem to be in their favor.

- The Dontre Wilson deal comes down to a few points, but right now there is one big one to track. Does he get off the plane this weekend in Columbus? That is Step-One, and without it there won't be a Step-Two or Step-Three. If he shows, Oregon has reason to be troubled, and we just have to see if that visit takes place before proceeding further.

- Ohio State has to be feeling pressure to add another lineman in this class, and the loss of O'Connor only adds to the need. Are Cameron Hunt and Dan Skipper still considering Ohio State? Have to think both will continue to be pressed hard by Ed Warriner over the next two weeks, and I believe they would take both if that happened to come about, not that I see that happening.

- Regarding Darren Carrington, his visit is scheduled for the following week. With all that is happening now, it's not worth discussing at this point. Odds are that it might not take place, so let's check on him in a week from today.

- Hard to believe there could be a recruiting update at this time and Vonn Bell drops to the last point, but it is what it is. A visit to Tennessee is on tap, and nothing has changed for Bell's time frame in the past month or so. Hearing Tennessee is a distant third in this one, and Alabama and Ohio State remain the front-runners. Both leaders have "comfort and relationships" on their side, so it's easy to see why both seem to be in great shape for Bell. This one should be a Signing Day production, which only adds to the drama.

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