Bank Blog: Wednesday Recruiting Update

Tuesday's commitment of Corey Smith gives Ohio State the outside wide receiver they were looking for, but Ohio State still wants to add an inside receiver. Where do things stand with Buckeye recruiting?

- Landing Corey Smith is big for Ohio State, and he is being brought in to be on the field next season and contribute right away. He has two years of eligibility and will not be redshirting, so not only is Smith expecting to play next year, but Urban Meyer feels the same way.

- Ohio State still wants to add another wideout, and they want an inside, slot receiver. There are plenty of candidates in play, and I expect to see Ohio State add another wide receiver.

- Dontre Wilson is the key target left on the board, and the fact is that nobody knows where he's going yet. There is supposed to be an official visit to Texas this weekend and an announcement after that. Ohio State has made their case for Wilson. Will it be enough?

- James Clark is still out there and taking his weekly visit to Florida this Saturday. It's not certain whether the Gators will take Clark, but it appears they will. Numbers are getting tight at Florida, so maybe they cut Clark loose and it opens it up for everyone else? If Florida would pass, Ohio State might very well be the number-one option.

- Darren Carrington is a special player, but with Corey Smith in the fold, does Ohio State take another outside receiver? I would guess this visit won't take place, but let's see how things go. He seems to be looking for a school other than Oregon, so who knows?

- I have no handle on Ryan Timmons and his recruitment, and not much that has happened with him makes much sense. Ohio State publicly whacked him by cancelling his visit a few days prior, then came back and offered a scholarship that might not really be an offer a few days later. Supposed to visit Florida this week, and announce next week. If Florida is unsure about Clark, how could they take Timmons? He has been to Ohio State enough, so an official visit won't be necessary to sign with the Buckeyes. Can they land him? No clue.

- Not much has changed with Corn Elder, other than receiving a Purdue hoops offer, which could be what he's truly looking for. There are rumblings he would prefer playing basketball in college, so who knows? He fits as a backup, PLAN-B type as a slot receiver.

- There is nothing happening with the offensive line currently, and I think they will sit tight and wait for the 2014 class. They will still be making calls and trying to get a visitor for the final weekend, but I'm not optimistic.

- Vonn Bell is still Vonn Bell. Ohio State is in it to win it. Can Ohio State sign Vonn Bell? Why not?

- Ezekiel Elliott will not be doing interviews and will announce at 3:00 on Signing Day. You can read the tea leaves anyway you like, and it's easy to make a case for either Missouri or Ohio State based upon your bias. He could end this today by just saying what he's doing, but that's not happening and Zeke will get his attention moment. My take? He is worried about Dontre Wilson, and a late afternoon announcement allows Wilson to go first, so Elliott can then make his choice. It will be very interesting if Wilson picks Ohio State prior to 3:00 next Wednesday.

- Trey Johnson's coach says his player will be signing with Ohio State on Signing Day, which means nothing at all to me. He didn't have a clue Johnson was visiting Tennessee last week, so now he knows what the player is going to do? Please. I think Johnson sticks with Ohio State, but nobody knows at this point. The antics of last weekend create doubt, so let's see who gets the fax.

- Of the three taking visits, I have Donovan Munger as the most likely to sign with Ohio State, but Florida State will not go away. Florida State was in the building Tuesday meeting with Munger and they are being very persistent in their chase. Munger reaffirming to Ohio State obviously means nothing to Florida State, but I think the player signs with the Buckeyes.

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