Cunningham looking at four

Jordan Cunningham is looking at four main schools and has officially visited three of them. Most recently, the 2013 wide receiver visited Florida State and he saw Vanderbilt the weekend before that. Stanford and Miami are also in the picture for the University School (Fort Lauderdale, FL) standout.

Jordan Cunningham visited FSU last weekend and said he really enjoyed his time getting a closer look at the program.

"It was good, I met with the coaches and the players, I had a good time," he said.

Out of all the coaches, Cunningham spent most of his time talking to Wide Receivers Coach Lawrence Dawsey, but he did get to speak with several and he said the conversations were encouraging.

"They said I could come in early and probably get some playing time, I just have to go in there and compete," he said.

"I met with some of the new coaches and they're pretty cool and they seem like they know what they're doing."

Seminole wide receiver Rashad Green was Cunningham's host and he said he liked the vibe of the players on the team.

"It was good, it's a nice, tight family atmosphere. I was with Rashad Green and Karlos Williams and some other recruits," he said.

Before visiting Florida State, the three-star wide receiver took in Vanderbilt and he also got a sense for that family-like vibe on the team.

"It's a close family atmosphere. I hung out with Jordan Matthews and Chris Boyd most of the time. I talked to Coach Gattis a lot," Cunningham said.

"They want me to come in early and possibly be the third wide receiver as a freshman and be a part of the "Fly Boys. That's what they call the wide receiving corps."

There's one weekend left before Signing Day and Cunningham said he may use it to officially visit Miami, but those plans are still up in the air. Still, the Hurricanes are very much in the picture.

"I'll have four hats on Signing Day. It will be FSU, Miami, Vanderbilt, and Stanford," he said.

"All of them are pretty even still. If I go to Miami, after that I'll make a decision and then announce it on Signing Day."

Cunningham plans to talk it all over with his parents and coaches before making a final decision.

"I have some stuff written down already like some stats and rankings and depth charts and stuff, then I'll talk to my parents and my coaches and go over everything," he said.

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