Bank Blog: Thursday Recruiting Update

The commitment of Corey Smith has put things into place with Ohio State's wide receiver recruiting, and although there is still room to add more recruits, there might be only room for two more. Who is still in the mix?

Let's go out on the limb and make a few predictions on how Ohio State finishes up the 2013 recruiting class, knowing full well that it is totally impossible to do so at this point.

I think there is room to add two more comfortably at this point, but they would go higher if things broke the right way. Let's look at who's left on the board.

- Instead of always finishing up these reports with Vonn Bell, let's switch it up and lead off with the five-star safety. I truly believe the decision has not made yet. There were coaches in the school today, and the choice will be discussed further this weekend. I believe Ohio State is in it to win it with Bell, and I've never doubted they have been a big player for months now. This one fits the criteria of comfort and relationships, and it is Urban Meyer, so if I had a gun to my head and was forced to make a prediction, I'm choosing the Buckeyes (without a lot of conviction).

- Dontre Wilson is one of the strangest recruitments left on the board nationally, and the planned official visit to Texas this weekends seems odd. The Ohio State official visit was a TEN, and I believe they feel they have more than a puncher's chance of flipping him from Oregon. The way they've drug out the Ryan Timmons deal sure seems like they are thinking they are still in the game for Wilson. If forced to make a guess on Wilson, I'm going with Oregon. But once again, without much conviction in that guess, and a Buckeye decision would not stun me.

- I have James Clark signing with Florida on National Signing Day, and I believe it's between Clemson and the Gators for the speedster. Clark visited Ohio State without his father, who has joined him at other stops, so I question the seriousness of the Buckeye visit. After this weekend, Clark will have spent more time in Gainesville than any Florida commit, so I have him as a Gator, with Clemson lurking on the outside.

- I have never had Ryan Timmons as more than a PLAN-B, or PLAN-C type at any time throughout the process, and I have no reason to change that now. They cancelled his official visit, and that never happened to James Quick, Vonn Bell or Mike Mitchell. Then they came in and "offered", kind of, maybe, but not really. Then the weather was too bad to visit him Wednesday. And then the dog ate the homework. Actually, I made that up. I have Florida and Ohio State kicking the tires with Timmons, but letting him sign with Kentucky next week.

- Corn Elder is a tough one to figure, but I do not see him in this class, and I have him on the Timmons PLAN-B list. Would it stun me to see them try to land him if things fall through with Wilson? I would say surprised, not stunned. I think he believes he's the next Alan Iverson, not the next Ted Ginn.

- I know how badly they want to add another offensive lineman, but I do not see a viable candidate on the horizon at this point. They kicked the tires with JUCO tackle Matt Finnin, but I do not see them taking him at all. It's almost past the point of being able to bring in a stud lineman for a visit, and as bad as they need a body, that's really all that's out there right now. If I had to make a guess I'd say no offensive lineman will be added in 2013, and they go hard in 2014.

- And then there are "The Three", which would be Ezekiel Elliott, Trey Johnson and Donovan Munger. The information on all three is borderline positive, with only Munger reaffirming to Ohio State. But Munger did meet with Florida State's offensive line coach at Shaker Heights this week, so he's not telling them to leave him alone. The other two are not speaking. Until I find out something more definitive, I'm going with Ohio State landing all three, mainly because I do not KNOW any of them are definitely leaving. When in doubt, go with the team that holds the commitment, I guess.

- I think staying at 23 is a good number in terms of roster management, and if they had to go to 24 or 25 they would do that with a Vonn Bell and Dontre Wilson.

- To me, adding Corey Smith was huge and it filled a big need. The more I think about it, the more I might have Smith as the highest offensive recruit to make an impact next year. Right off the bat, Smith makes Braxton Miller a better quarterback, and opens up the field more for Devin Smith and Philly Brown.

- Assuming Ohio State reels "The Three" back in and adds no other prospects, how would this class be looked at? This is a Top-5 class, and as long as you're pulling Top-10 classes you should be a national title contender. IF, big IF, Ohio State can land Bell and/or Wilson, then you start looking at winning the recruiting title overall.

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