Michigan Standing Out with Blacknall

Michigan wasted little time informing Englishtown (NJ) Manalapan WR, Saeed Blacknall just how much of a priority he is. Just over a week after visiting the talented youngster's school the Wolverines sending some very welcomed news.

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“(Michigan) offered me on signing day,” Blacknall said.  “My coach told me the day before (the offer) was going happen… but before he told me it was going to happen I didn’t expect it because Michigan had really just come in to play.  Ohio State was really recruiting me and everything, and that’s when Michigan came out of nowhere.  They just instantly fell in love with me.  It was kind of funny because Ohio State and Michigan are rivals and Michigan hurried up and jumped in the way.”

“Coach Mallory called (Manalapan) Coach (Ed) Gurrieri and then I got on the phone with (Mallory).  “He said, ‘we love you we love your tape.  We watched you and think you’re a good player for our program and that you’d really fit in. We’d like to offer you a full ride.’  I’m already starting to build a relationship with Coach Mallory already.  Things are starting to kick off a little bit.”

Michigan’s definitive show of interest brought a distinct feeling of satisfaction for a youngster that just a few short weeks ago believed himself to be a “sleeper.”

“My reaction (to the offer) was shock and excitement at the same time because the stage doesn’t get too much bigger than Michigan,” Blacknall stated.  “That’s the Big House.  I was like, ‘wow, it’s Michigan!”  I was like, ‘thank you Coach!’  I was just happy and blessed to have the opportunity.”

That said, as pleased as he is to now list Michigan among his options, Blacknall isn’t ready to anoint the Wolverines… or anyone else for that matter… his leader.

“I don’t want get too fascinated with all the names,” he said.  “Obviously Michigan is a very good program with a huge track record.  They’re the real deal.  It don’t get no better than that.  But I won’t put any colleges above any other ones yet.  I like every college is the same so far.  I’m trying to see all of these colleges first.  That’s when I’ll be able to tell you who is better than who.  I’m sure Michigan is an awesome school with the stadium the facilities and all the coaches are great,  but (after I see the schools) is when I’ll be able to decide who is better than who.  But Michigan does stand out a lot to me."

He plans to find out just how much when he makes his way to Ann Arbor.

“I’ll visit sometime in the spring or summer… definitely’”

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