National Elite Big Man OL Standouts

Sunday found a solid group of offensive linemen taking part in the National Elite Big Man Camp at the Total Sports Complex in Wixom, Michigan. Who stood out among the offensive linemen? We have a Top Five from the day.

Over the past couple years several linemen have received a major boost to their recruiting by attending the National Elite Big Man Camp in Wixom, Michigan.<p>

With another solid turnout, names five offensive linemen who stood out on the day making our list of top performers.

1. Joe Lowery – Tallmadge (Ohio) High School

Class of 2014

HT: 6-foot-6 | WT: 285-pounds

Lowery showed why getting out to camps early can help boost your exposure.  Built with a long frame, Lowery will need to do some work in his lower body to add strength and thickness, but his overall skill set is solid as he does a great job of keeping his balance.  Not a finished product, but one college coaches will soon be adding their names to his offer list.

2. Connor Hayes – Traverse City (Mich.) West Sr. High

Class of 2014

HT:  6-foot-4 | 280-pounds

With offers already on the board, Hayes could have stayed home.  Instead, he showed up looking to improve his skill set and proved to be one of the toughest offensive linemen out of the entire group.  While one-on-one drills in space may not be his strongest area, Hayes proved his toughness and physical strength were on par with anyone he matched up against.  Best way to describe Hayes is to call him a brawler capable of matching up against bigger players and holding his own.

3. Nick Padla – Berrien Springs (Mich.) High School

Class of 2014

HT: 6-foot-5 | 260-pounds

Padla needs to continue to get bigger and stronger especially in his lower body.  However, he showed a solid skill set during drills and did well in one-on-one matches.  Has the frame to add weight without losing athletic ability and a strong summer could open up some big doors.

4. Michael Deiter – Genoa (Ohio) High School

Class of 2014

HT: 6-foot-4 | 267-pounds

Deiter was another unknown but left showing he’s a player to keep an eye on as he attends more camps in the summer.  Made the camp coaches final one-on-one battles and showed well throughout the day in drills.  Projects as a guard at the next level.

5. Malik King - Muskegon (Mich.) High School

Class of 2014

HT: 6-foot-4 | WT: 285-pounds

King carries his weight very well and has great spring in his step.  When he stays low and keeps his base he’s a very solid in his technique.  However, when he gets high all what is good is tossed out the window as he compromises his base and is often twisted and lifted off his feet.  Continued work in the weight room and fine tuning technique before the summer camp circuit will help him impress coaches.


We also came across a couple other players to keep an eye on during the day and they included the following.

Chris Adams – Dayton (Ohio) Carroll High School

Nick Demaline – Liberty Center (Ohio) High School

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