Break Down: Parris Campbell

Ohio State is off and running in their attempt to recruit another stellar recruiting class for 2014, with three commitments. Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary tailback Parris Campbell brings speed to the table, but what else can Buckeye fans expect?

Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary tailback Parris Campbell was probably not on the mind of Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer prior to the start of the Division-II state title game. It was clear Meyer was on the Irish sideline to see and be seen by star linebacker Dante Booker, but it was Campbell who stole the show.

At the time, Campbell was a skinny 170-pound tailback with apparent breakaway speed. Fast forward to late February, and Campbell has added ten pounds and grown an inch, to currently measure 6-foot, 180-pounds.

WHAT IS THEIR TO LIKE? Usually, prospects make their mark in a camp or combine setting, wowing onlookers with sparkling measurables. The next step is trying to figure out if said prospect can actually play football. With Campbell, the process worked in reverse. There was no doubting his football speed in the four times I saw Campbell last season, but I really wanted to see him in a combine setting to be totally sold. In Massillon recently, Campbell ran an electronic forty-yard dash time of 4.42 and for me it was game over. Added to his value is the fact that has grown an inch and put on 10 pounds of muscle in the past three months, and Campbell could be Ohio's top overall prospect. For Michael it was the shoes, but for Parris it might have been the socks that carried him to a 4.42 time.

WHAT ARE THE CONCERNS? Not many, to be honest. The one thing I haven't seen is Campbell taking a big hit or two in a game, and it would be nice to see how he would react. We don't know how physical he can play, but he is still thin at 180-pounds, so he should be able to play at nearly 195-pounds and keep his speed at Ohio State. If he CAN do all those things, AND be able to take a punch, there are no concerns about Parris Campbell.

WHAT ARE THE INTANGIBLES? By now the secret is out that Campbell started school at five years old, and should be a sophomore not a junior. There is still plenty of growth potential, both on and off the field. Campbell is also a loose-hipped athlete, and he could excel at the cornerback position should Ohio State decide to play him there. Seeing him play basketball last week confirmed his side-to-side movement, and when combined with his speed, you have a player that could star at wide receiver, tailback, slot receiver, or defensive back.

PLAYER COMPARISON: Campbell is so young and light years away from reaching his potential, but he reminds me of Teddy Ginn when he was a high school junior. Campbell can score the football from anywhere on the field, and you have to account for him on every play. I think he has similar special team, big-play ability as Ginn possessed, and it wouldn't shock me to see Campbell have a huge impact in that area.

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