Jackson Recaps 'Great' Official Visit

Justin Jackson and his family were in Chapel Hill this weekend for his official visit to UNC. Upon leaving campus, the Top 10 junior from Spring, Texas went in-depth with InsideCarolina.com about the visit and his plans moving forward.

What are your overall impressions of the official visit?

I had a great time. I hung out with the team at night and pretty much during the day, went to a practice and shootaround this morning. We sat in on a lot of academic meetings and toured most of the basketball facilities. We didn't get a whole campus tour because it was so cold, but overall it was really good.

What were the highlights of your visit?

Hanging out with the guys was really fun. They are a great group of guys that you can bond with pretty easily. I hung out mostly with the freshmen and they seem pretty tight with each other. They really welcomed me in and didn't push me out because I was recruit. I got along with them pretty well.

What did your family think of the visit?

They really liked it as well. They had probably just as much fun and as good of a time as I did, so they liked it. Coach Williams really stood out to them, what type of man he is. The way he is and the kind of person, not coach, he is. Obviously he is one of the best coaches to ever coach, how much he cares about certain things and his players, that really stood out them.

What was Marcus Paige like as a host?

I knew of him through AAU but I had never talked to him. He texted me before we flew up for the visit and told me he'd be hosting me. I think he's a great guy.

He played great today. I haven't watched him much this year, but he was doing what he needs to do. He's just so smart that he makes everything look easy out there.

What did you think of the way UNC used its wings, particularly Reggie Bullock and P.J. Hairston, in the game?

Obviously, they shot the ball really well. One thing with Reggie, he moves without the ball a ton which is kind of the same way I play. So it was good to see how he fits into the offense and how they get him involved. He plays a bit like me. P.J. can just shoot the lights out. He did really well today; overall they fit into UNC's scheme so well.

You weren't able to have the customary breakfast at Roy Williams's house because there was the game today., but had dinner at his house on Saturday ...

It was good to just sit down and eat with him. My parents, Mrs. Williams, Coach Davis, his wife and Coach Robinson were all there. It was good to just sit down and talk to them outside of basketball.

Did you think about committing during the visit?

Obviously they want me to commit. Me and my family still have to talk about the whole recruiting process. They're obviously a great school, but me and my family want to talk about what direction we'll be going in from here.

You've taken multiple unofficial visits to UNC and just completed an official visit. Would you consider the Tar Heels your leader?

I don't know if they're a leader, but they are up there. I think this weekend was a great time, I enjoyed it and it really showed how great of a program it is. I don't really know if I have a leader right now, but they are definitely up there.

Did the UNC coaching staff discuss with you what it's looking for in the 2014 class?

They said since they have Joel (Berry), they've got a point guard. They said the bigs are set and the only problem is, in 2014, there will only be two wings left at UNC. So their biggest thing is they're trying to get two wing players that can play alongside each other and really complement each other.

Another 2014 wing, Theo Pinson, was at the game today. Did the staff talk about you two playing together?

They did a little bit. They were going through different scenarios and how I would fit in there. Theo's named popped up a few times. He has to do what's best for him, just like I do, but I think we could play together.

What about Rashad Vaughn, another 2014 wing with a UNC offer? Did his name come up?

I really don't know him very well but Coach Williams and Robinson told me how he plays, and stuff like that. I think we would fit well together, but I think I'd fit in well with pretty much all the guys they're recruiting were I to come to UNC. I'm not hard to play with, I just love to win. I think all the people they're recruiting we'd fit in together fine.

What did you learn about Coach Williams or UNC that you didn't know coming into this visit?

I grew up going to UNC camps since fifth grade and I've been on two unofficial visits, so we sort of have seen the tours and all that. This time we got to see Coach Williams, how he acted on and off the court a lot more than I did in past visits.

You and your family were wearing Carolina gear at the game. People might read into that…

We actually went shopping the day before and every time we come down here we wear Carolina gear just to show support. We went shopping the day before to have something to wear to the game. We bought stuff for everyone in my family - my sisters, brothers, grandparents, everyone.

Do you have any other visits planned?

No. Right now, we're just going to go home and try to figure out what direction we're going in as far as recruiting. If other visits pop up, we'll see, but right now we don't have anything planned, except talking as a family and seeing what we're going to do.

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