Boren Willing To Do Anything To Make NFL

Former Ohio State fullback-turned-linebacker added another position to his resume during OSU's recent Pro Day. Boren has attempted to work at long snapper since the NFL combine. No matter what the position, the former Buckeye captain wants to fight his way onto a NFL roster.

Those in attendance at Ohio State Pro Day were handed a list of the 14 players – 13 former Buckeyes and Columbus native Mark Jackson, an offensive lineman from Glenville State – who were there and how they would be participating.

Some did complete workouts. Others just did position drills. John Simon was unable to do any work, but the sheet did note that he would have his own Pro Day on March 25. Each player also had their positions listed. For example, Reid Fragel was listed as an OT, Orhian Johnson was a DB and Nathan Williams was DE/LB.

Under Zach Boren, it read: "FB/LB/LS."

Yep. Fullback, linebacker and long snapper. A triple threat.

"I did a little bit in high school, but never in a game – just kind of a backup guy," Boren said of his long snapping career. "I was listed this past year as a backup, too, until I went out for a practice and Coach (Urban) Meyer nixed that pretty quick."

Boren added that he went to one of his high school coaches, Pickerington Central defensive coordinator Jeff Lomonico, and attempted to add long snapping to his NFL resume.

"He's taught a bunch of people," Boren said. "and it's kind of one of those things where I came back from the combine and went like, ‘I've got to figure out something else I can do.' … So I went to him and I've been long snapping for about two weeks."

Boren did some snapping in front of a scout from the Baltimore Ravens. But for most of Pro Day, Boren worked solely on offense from his longtime collegiate position of fullback.

The former Buckeye had a solid offensive career, mainly contributing as a blocker. He caught 25 passes for 193 yards with one touchdown. Of course, Boren did not end his Buckeye career on the offensive side of the football, however. He finished his senior season as the starting middle linebacker, moving over on the Tuesday before the Indiana game and compiling 50 tackles during the final six games of OSU's 12-0 campaign.

Boren was back at fullback on Pro Day, but he was more than willing to show his defensive skills if someone had asked.

"To tell you the truth, I kind of wanted to (do some defensive drills) – go out there and show people what I can do on defense," Boren said. "Show people that I'm not just some stiff fullback. I can run around a little bit.

"But I talked to some people, some of our coaches about it, and they were like, ‘Concentrate on fullback.' If one of the scouts would have said something about (playing defense), I totally would have done it. But it was something that just never got brought up."

Thus, Boren said if he is to make it to the next level it will be on offense or special teams. He was happy after his Pro Day performance. Boren was unsure of his exact 40-yard dash time, but added that it was an improvement on the 5.00 second run he had at the NFL combine.

Boren also came to Pro Day a little heavier, up to 250 pounds from the 238 he weighed in at the combine.

"Those two things were the biggest things I wanted to accomplish – weighing heavier and running a faster 40. I did that," he said.

Being back at Ohio State helped Boren. Like others before him, the former Buckeye said being around his teammates at a setting he was familiar with helped him improve on his combine performance.

"You have no idea how much being around your teammates calms you down," Boren said. "When you're in Indy, you're around guys that you've never even met before and around coaches that you don't even know. Here, being around the guys that train us and our teammates, it's just so much calmer."

As for the future, Boren said he is just going to keep working out and trying to be in top physical condition heading into the draft.

"(I have to) work hard because, whether it be draft weekend or right after the draft, you're going to be going into a camp right there," he said. "You have to be in tip-top shape. You have to go in there to be able to fight for a position because there are guys there that are already on a 53-man roster and you have to do your job to make it."

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