Thompson A Buckeye

As soon as Montini Catholic defensive lineman Dylan Thompson stepped on Ohio State's campus, he had that feeling.

Ohio State added a big commitment in the class of 2014 Saturday, Montini (Ill.) Catholic defensive lineman Dylan Thompson.

Thompson made his first visit to Columbus Saturday and knew it was right for him.

"I think I knew the moment I walked through the front doors of the Woody Hayes facility but I didn't want to jump to any conclusions," Thompson said.

Plus, Thompson has seen his recruitment get pretty busy lately.

"I knew I had a number of visits scheduled to some top notch programs and I wanted to be sure I was making the right decision," Thompson said.

So, Thompson continued touring around Ohio State with a lot on his mind.

"We met with the strength and conditioning team and we connected right away," Thompson said. "Then my parents and I sat with Coach Meyer in his office."

He added, "I can only say Wow, I think I was speechless. I just listened. I felt at home, like I really belonged right there."

The tour continued, and Thompson just continued to be more and more impressed.

"We toured more of the facilities, then I sat in on the defensive line pre practice meeting," Thompson said. "The energy was ridiculous. Everybody was fired up and that poured out onto the field."

He continued, "There were no slouchers, everybody was "bringing the juice."

And at that moment, Thompson knew Ohio State was the place for him.

"By the end of practice I knew this was it," Thompson said. "I spoke with my parents and we discussed the fact that this commitment would be solid."

And by solid, he knows exactly what that entails until he signs his letter of intent with the Buckeyes.

"I would cancel all future visits to other universities and this would be home," Thompson said. "I was so good with that. At the end of practice, my parents, Coach Vrabel and I walked to the center of the practice field where Coach Meyer was and I told him I wanted to play for him."

The coaches weren't exactly expecting Thompson to join the Ohio State class of 2014 so quickly, but were pretty excited.

"Both coaches looked pretty surprised, I don't think they expected that from me so soon," Thompson said. "But it was such a perfect fit I felt I didn't want to wait."

He added, "I didn't want to sit around waiting to see how many offers I could get already knowing where I really wanted to be."

All in all, Ohio State was everything Thompson was looking for.

"I can't wait to enter that stadium as a player," Thompson said. "My parents loved everything about it also. They feel very comfortable with leaving me in their hands."

Plus, Thompson is pretty excited to be able to commit to play Big Ten football.

"It has always been my dream to play college football, but in the Big Ten and for Coach Meyer and Coach Vrabel, never could have dreamed this big," Thompson said.

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