Top Dade talent sees Florida

The Gators hosted some big-time 2014 talent Friday when several of Dade County's top prospects visited Florida. Cornerbacks Quincy Wilson and Chris Lammons, along with wide receivers Ermon Lane and Tyre Brady, and linebacker Richard Yeargin III all took in an early morning Gators practice, met with coaches, and toured the

All of the athletes left Gainesville very excited and very impressed with the Florida program.

Quincy Wilson (University School / Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

The 6-foot-2, 195-pound cornerback has liked Florida for quite some time. Seeing a practice and watching the coaches work with the players was something he had been looking forward to.

"I think it was a great experience finally getting to see a practice. It was an early practice. I got to see how Coach T-Rob interacts with his players. He's a hyped-up guy and I liked that," Wilson said.

"He said he likes me as a cornerback, that he likes big, tall, long guys like me at cornerback, and that basically I'm a must-have for him."

The Gators remain a high favorite for the South Florida DB.

"Florida is in the top like they have been from the beginning. I already liked them, and I guess it's just upping its stock right now."

Chris Lammons (Plantation / Plantation, FL)

The 5-foot-9, 175-pound cornerback got to spend some time with his good friend, Florida cornerback, Marcus Roberson.

"Everything was great, it was a great experience, those a great coaches and great teachers. I just learned a lot," Lammons said.

"I talked to Coach T-Rob and Coach Muschamp. They were just telling me how much they want me and need me and that we need to seal the deal."

"Florida always stood at the top of my list, and they're still at the top."

Ermon Lane (Homestead / Homestead, FL)

The 6-foot-2, 193-pound wide receiver often stays pretty quiet when it comes to recruiting. After visiting the Gators, he said there is a lot to like about the Florida program.

"Everything was great. We went to the practice, got to talk to all of the coaches, it was just a good time for all of us," he said.

"What really impressed me was, I never thought it was that hyped up. The practice was so hyped up, the coaches and everybody was having fun."

Lane said he had some great conversations with the Florida coaching staff who made it clear he was a priority.

"They were saying all different things, that they really want me, that I'm the top receiver they have on the list, that they want me bad and stuff," he said.

"Florida, they always were standing high since before I went there, but now they're a little bit higher."

Tyre Brady (South Dade / Homestead, FL)

The 6-foot-4, 205-pound wide receiver picked up an offer from the Gators on his visit. Brady picked up his first offer from Florida State last week.

"I was very excited. I liked everything about Florida. We got to tour the campus, watch them practice. I like the whole atmosphere, the coaches, the vibe, the way they run things. I liked everything," Brady said.

"They said they needed more receivers, so they wanted me and Ermon Lane to come in. They want us to come in and work for a starting position."

"I loved everything. I watched the one-on-one drills, the 7-on-7, I watched all of the drills and I loved it. I loved the way the run it."

Like his friends, Brady left Florida with a high impression of the program.

"It's definitely in my top."

Richard Yeargin III (University School / Fort Lauderdale, FL)

The 6-foot-4, 225-pound linebacker loved seeing the Gators practice and getting a tour of the campus. He was especially impressed with how timely everything was and how efficiently spent his time was.

"Everything today was great, it was high-tempo, the coaches were very hands-on, and I got a really thorough evaluation of everything," Yeargin said.

"(I talked to) every single coach. What really stuck with me was talking to Coach Muschamp, Coach Lawing, Coach T-Rob, and Coach Durkin."

Yeargin said they spent some time going over film and talking about how he would be used in the defense.

"We were going over things that I'm going to be doing in their scheme and how I will fit," he said.

"They had so many positive things to say I was almost thinking, ‘come on man, you've got to be kidding me.' It was crazy," Yeargin laughed.

"Florida's up there man. If I had to call out my leaders right now, Florida's there. There's no leaders right now, it's too early in the recruitment process, but after today and after really seeing Gainesville with my own two eyes, Florida is a great program."

South Florida's elite left Gainesville Friday afternoon and went to Orlando, where they'll play in a 7on7 tournament Saturday with their team, South Florida Express. Stay tuned to FOX Sports NEXT for the latest on these guys and their recruitment.

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