Baker Takes in GT Spring Practice

Marist, Georgia athlete Kendall Baker plays on both sides of the line for his high school team. Most schools recruiting him like Kendall on the defensive line. Baker visited one of those schools Monday afternoon.

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Baker made the short trip to Georgia Tech to watch them practice. It was the first college practice that Kendall has watched. "It was different to see the speed of the practice and how hard they went at it."

Kendall also had a chance to see how the Tech coaches rotated the teams in and out to give everyone a chance to show what they could do. "The coaches were really on them and were pushing them to work hard."

Following practice, Kendall talked with head coach Paul Johnson, defensive coordinator Ted Roof, and defensive line coach Mike Pelton. "They were really different after practice." Baker observed how intense they were during practice but when practice finished they were joking around with Baker. "They said they wanted to give me pads and get me out on the field. That was cool."

The coaches also let Baker know that they would love to have him on the defensive line. "I knew Coach Pelton from Auburn so we had a good bond already and he really was talking up Georgia Tech with me and how much he wanted me there to coach me and be a part of my development."

While they are not at the top of his list, Tech is one of the schools that Baker is considering. "I can tell you that can change quickly." More visits to Tech and getting to know everyone better to see how he would fit in would help Tech's chances with Kendall.

Kendall is looking to watch more practices and he knows he'll be attending the spring game. There is also the possibility that he might attend the Georgia spring game this coming weekend. "My mom feels that I should go to as many as I can to have all the info I need to make a decision."

Baker doesn't have a specific time to make his college decision. "Whenever I feel that I have fallen in love with a school, I'll make my decision. Baker‘s decision could be in two weeks or in a few months. "I'll know when it happens and I will make that decision when it happens."

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