Winfield still in limbo, on open market

Antoine Winfield remains unsigned after the Redskins chose to sign another veteran cornerback, but will that preclude them continuing their pursuit of Winfield?

When the Washington Redskins re-signed cornerback DeAngelo Hall Monday, it was thought that their courtship of Antoine Winfield was over. At the time, it looked liked the team's pursuit of Winfield was merely a smokescreen to get Hall and his agent to lower their own salary demands.

On Tuesday, The Washington Post reported that the team is still looking to sign Winfield.

Citing an unnamed source, The Post reported that there is still a "high mutual interest" between both the Redskins and Winfield to get a contract done and that the signing of Hall doesn't change that.

The story made it appear as though Winfield, who was given the full free agent treatment last week that included a dinner with team officials and quarterback Robert Griffin III, was aware that the signing was coming. The source said that Hall's and Winfield's skill sets complement each other well.

However, the Hall signing creates a salary cap issue for the Redskins that might preclude them from signing Winfield. Once the Hall signing becomes finalized, the Redskins will technically be over their salary cap number and would have to restructure contracts in order to simply get his deal done, much less creating more cap space by signing Winfield.

The Vikings released Winfield, a popular veteran leader of the Vikings defense, last month when it was deemed his contract number for 2013 was too high. When the release was announced, there was a sentiment that the Vikings might make an effort to bring Winfield back at a lower salary. However, Winfield's visit with the Redskins lends one to believe that both sides are willing to move on without the other.

Whether the Redskins' interest in Winfield continues will likely play out in the coming days as Washington attempts to get its own salary cap house in order. The tone of the story tended to lend itself to the belief that, if Washington considers Winfield to be the ideal candidate, they will find a way to get him signed. But, for now anyway, the Redskins have made their choice at a veteran cornerback and that player was Hall, not Winfield.

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