Washington, D.C., NFTC: Top 5 QBs

ASHBURN, Va. -- Quarterbacks can thrive in camps and combines, and FOX Sports NEXT takes a look at the top five in Sunday's Nike Football Training Camp at the Washington Redskins' practice facility.

The Nike Football Training Camp stopped in suburban Washington, D.C., Sunday and the quarterback talent was a pleasant surprise. Five signal callers stood out, and FOX Sports NEXT rates them.

1. Jacob Park, Stratford High, Goose Creek, S.C.
Skinny: Park was the most talented quarterback in the field, and he performed at a high level. A lot of the focus comes during the one-on-ones and when the field is split in half and quarterbacks have three receivers at their disposal, and Park was good in that session. He has the arm strength and he performed and even standing in the pocket, his athleticism is tangible. He threw the short passes with touch and had the arm strength to throw the intermediate route.

2. Andrew Ford, Cedar Cliff Hill, Camp Hill, Pa.
Skinny: Ford was a machine at the end of the event, and he was named the most outstanding quarterback by the organizers. That he is No. 2 on the FOX Sports NEXT list is not a slight. Ford threw the ball accurately and he made quick decisions. He worked with a number of receivers and was able to get on the same page as them on most routes. He showed nice touch on the intermediate throws and he fit a few passes into tight windows. Arm strength on the 15-yard out pattersn remain a concern, but he has been in in very good form lately.

3. Darius Wade, Middletown (Del.) High
Skinny: Wade was consistent and smooth, and the Boston College commit proved he can stand back there and use his mechanics and arm strength to deliver accurate passes. No one through the corner fade better than Wade, and was relaxed with his deliver and threw it from a high point. Like Ford, Wade didn't show incredible arm strength, but he did prove he has enough to get the ball into tight windows and get it to the sideline as well.

4. Walter Harold, Ocean Lakes High, Virginia Beach
Skinny: Howard was one of the surprises of the camp, and should get some strong looks during the spring evaluation period. He was accurate and had a quick release. His arm strength is fine as well as he threw ball after ball down the field and on target. He made quick reads, and most of the times it was the right read. His effort was that much more impressive since his throwing hand looked like a grapefruit it was swollen so much. He said he was able to throw despite an injury, and his performance suggested that.

5. Caleb Henderson, Lake Braddock Secondary Schoo, Burke, Va.
Skinny: Henderson was consistent, and he did his best to throw as often as he could with four-star Jamil Kamara as his receiver. Henderson needs to improve his footwork, but he has the arm strength and confidence to be a big-time quarterback. He tried to force several balls into coverage, and had success working the ball over the middle of the field more than when he threw intermediate and deep passes to the sideline.

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