Q&A: JaQuan Lyle

IlliniPlaybook catches up with JaQuan Lyle, one of the premier guards in the 2014 class.

Now that you have a break from high school basketball, how are you working out this summer?

"Staying in the gym everyday. Getting shots up, drill work, agility, staying in the weight room, and just trying to get better overall."

I know Illinois has been in the running for a while. How is your relationship with the coaching staff?

"I talked to Coach Walker on Monday for about 20-25 minutes, so that went really well. Coach Groce called me the other night, but I was in the middle of workouts, so I was unable to answer. Me and Coach Walker have a good relationship, me and him talk the most out of the coaches, we text, and we talk on he phone alot. Me and Coach Groce talk every once in a while, so the relationships are really good."

How do you think you fit in with the Illini style of play?

"I think I fit in really well. I like to get shots up, and I facilitate well, give guys shots, and then get the ball down the floor to score if I need to, so I think we would play really, really well together."

Some recruits have a make or break condition that is really important to them when making their decision. What is the main thing that is important to you?

"The relationship with the coaching staff is very important to me. I have to have a good relationship, because I'm still kind of young, and I've never really been away from my mom a lot, so I'm used to her doing everything for me. I'm still in the process of growing up."

Where are you at in the process of committing to a school?

"I take my ACT June 8th, and then I'm going to name my official two schools a couple weeks after that, so that will be the next narrow down."

Would you say Illinois is still a strong contender?

"Illinois is a strong contender. Everybody is going really hard right now. The process is going really good right now, and its going to be a hard decision on myself."

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