Let's Play QB Lottery

Ohio State is smack dab in the middle of a fascinating quarterback derby, along with Alabama, LSU and Notre Dame. The derby became jumbled when Kyle Allen selected Texas A&M Monday afternoon.

Ohio State, LSU, Notre Dame, Texas A&M and Alabama are all somewhat entwined in a battle for a handful of top quarterback prospects, and this has been fascinating to watch it play out.

The main participants are Kyle Allen, Brandon Harris and DeShone Kizer, and clearly these schools do not hold each prospect in the same regard.

ALABAMA: The Tide is somewhat of a bit player in this drama, although Kizer is visiting Tuscaloosa on Thursday. Would Alabama take Kizer? No, as they have most of their quarterback eggs in on David Cornwell. If Alabama DOES take Kizer on Thursday, the picture would get even cloudier, but I do not expect that to happen.

THE BOMBSHELL: Kyle Allen selecting Texas A&M this past Monday was a shocker, both with the early timing and the fact that he chose the Aggies. Notre Dame and Ohio State felt pretty good about landing Allen, so his decision affected both schools.

NOTRE DAME: Immediately offered Kizer after Allen went to the Aggies, and they are now in prime position to land the Toledo Central Catholic signal-caller. They need to wait out visits on successive days to Alabama and LSU for Kizer, but I do not see either school taking him at this time, which should favor the Irish.

LSU: They have to be feeling great about their chances of landing Harris, especially since it seemed Texas A&M was the main competition for him. Ohio State did make a move on Harris during last weekend's visit, but was it enough for him to spurn the home-state team? Probably not, but we should know that shortly, as Harris has an announcement coming.

OHIO STATE: They would have taken Allen, and would now take Harris should he decide to commit to the Buckeyes. They just do not seem willing to move on Kizer without seeing him in camp, and I do not see him wanting to camp for that offer. There are other options for the Buckeyes, including Stephen Collier and Zach Darlington, or they could reshuffle the deck and start the search all over. An interesting point to ponder would be this: What if Ohio State decides to offer Kizer today? How would that affect things? We probably won't know that answer, but it would add to the intrigue.

THE BIG WINNER: It has to be DeShone Kizer, who would probably be committed to either Northwestern or Michigan State had those schools not received quarterback commitments ahead of him. After losing those two options, and not having Alabama and/or LSU as sure things, Kizer appeared to be starting over with his recruitment. For a player who sure seemed like he wanted to stay in the Midwest, the Notre Dame offer has to be huge for Kizer. Should Ohio State offer him, it would give him another Midwest option.

FINAL RESULT? Just a guess, but I see LSU passing on Kizer and holding tight for Brandon Harris. I do not see Alabama taking Kizer. I DO see Kizer being on Notre Dame's campus within the next week, and absent an Ohio State offer, I think the Fighting Irish will have a quarterback commit by the middle of next week.

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