The Opening: Bunting Becoming Complete TE

GoBlueWolverine goes 1-on-1 with the lone Michigan commitment competing out at the Opening in Oregon, 2014 tight end Ian Bunting. Bunting talks about his performance, his health, a conversation with Juju Smith, and his focus the rest of summer.

GoBlueWolverine's Kyle Bogenschutz 1-on-1 interview with 2014 Michigan commitment Ian Bunting:

Q: First, you’ve been able to go through a few sessions, how have things gone so far?

A: “I feel really good about my performance so far,” said Bunting. “Especially what we did over there on the other field -- we did some half skelly and 1-on-1’s so I’m excited for what’s going on here. I’m having a lot of fun and getting a lot better. I’m definitely learning a lot from all of the coaches that are here and it’s a great opportunity.”

Q: You guys are getting a lot of free stuff, best part (off the field) so far?

A: “Probably just getting out here and being able to meet the kids that are kind of doing the same thing I’m doing and being able to compete with them and kind of gauge myself and see where I’m at.”

Q: Last time we talked the hamstring was still bothering you a bit, where are you at health wise?

A: “It feels a lot better. In football practice I’ve just been doing tight end stuff as far as blocking so I haven’t really been running routes the past couple of weeks which is, cause blocking doesn’t hurt it. It’s feeling good so far today. Knock on wood.”

Q: You’re testing yourself against some of the best linebackers – some really fast guys but also really physical, how do you think you’ve matched up in that capacity because these are, essentially, all college athletes?

A: “I think I’ve definitely risen to the occasion. I’m having a lot of fun with it. I think I’ve made some plays and proven to some people that I’m supposed to be here, I’m here for a reason, and I deserve to be here.”

Q: You’re the lone Wolverine commitment out here but there are obviously some other guys involved with the Maize & Blue, who have you talked to, who have you hit hardest, and what’s the reception been like?

A: “I’ve talked to a lot of the coaches who have either been coached by Brady Hoke or Al Borges or are in some way connected to Michigan but there’s a lot of guys that have some sort of connection so I’m getting a lot of help, a lot of feedback, and they’re telling me what their experiences with the coaches were like and I’m hearing nothing but good news.”

Q: I saw you talking to Juju Smith after the morning session. What was that conversation like and how’d that go?

A: “We were just talking about what I was doing out there and how I can do things better. There’s always room to improve and he was helping me out and we were just kind of talking back and forth. Just a normal conversation.”

Q: So what’s next after The Opening, is this the last camp type thing you’ll be doing the rest of the summer before fall camp?

A: “Yeah, most likely. I think I’m just going to focus on my high school team from here on out. It should be fun. I’m getting really excited for my senior season and hopefully closing up high school with a state championship with the kids I’ve grown up with my whole life.”

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