Calvert Hall Quartet Enjoys FNL

Four underclassmen from Calvert Hall College High (Baltimore) traveled to Florida's Friday Night Lights, and they spoke with FOXSportsNEXT about their trip.

Class of 2016 outside linebacker/defensive end Rahshaun Smith is already a known commodity, holding double digit offers and garnering attention from some of the top programs in the nation.

However, when the Calvert Hall College High (Baltimore) standout visited Florida for Friday Night Lights, he was not alone. He came with a trio of class of 2015 teammates.

Receiver Lawrence Cager, cornerback Dionte Austin and safety Juantez McRae also visited The Swamp, and each left impressed. None of the trio picked up offers, but they certainly planted themselves on Florida's radar.

Rahshaun Smith's recaps FNL

"I did very well," said Austin, who holds eight FBS offers caught the eyes of the staff. "In my 1-on-1 reps, I locked people down. It got me looks after that. The defensive backs coach (Travaris Robinson) said he saw I was taking a lot of reps. I learned some new technique. I learned how I should stand when I press. It is stuff I already knew. I'm just going to focus on it a little more.

"It was fun. The atmosphere, and the people around there …there was a lot of coaches, a lot of people. It's very (different)."

McRae, who also holds eight FBS offers, enjoyed the competition of the event.

"It was a great experience," he said. "It was a good atmosphere for me. There was a lot of competition out there for me to get reps. It definitely (felt different). It actually felt like you were playing in a game because you're under the lights and it'S Friday. You're getting work done and going against some of the top guys in the country."

Cager holds offers from Toledo and Oregon State, where he performed well at a camp, but came away wanting to show the Gators staff more than he did.

"It was fun and I definitely want to go next year," Cager said. "I think under the lights and going 1-on-1 …I just liked it a lot. It helps you see what you're going to face if you get to college, and see what other teams are brining to the table and what talent there is in the south and places you haven't been before.

"I think I did ok. I don't think I did my best, and there were so many kids there and they were trying to get their kids reps."

The group also received a tour of campus, which included seeing the football facilities and the dorms.

"It was beautiful, other than being extremely hot. It was a very nice campus. The stadium is right in the middle and from there you walk around and see the buildings and all that. They look all neat and all."

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