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Eric Glover-Williams is the first commit in the 2015 Ohio State recruiting class. The Canton McKinley four-star athlete took the time to answer questions posed by Buckeye Sports Bulletin readers.

Here is an interview with Ohio State 2015 commit Eric Glover-Williams, and the Canton McKinley star answers questions submitted by Buckeye Sports Bulletin subscribers.

buckeyeinsc: Who will you be targeting the hardest to get on board at Ohio State? EGW: "Coach Meyer hasn't really told me anyone he likes right now and I haven't looked at the top players yet, but I will be getting on that."

BuckeyeBash22: Who were your football influences growing up and did you try to emulate your game after anyone? EGW: "My favorite players would be Tyrann Mathieu and Michael Vick in the NFL right now, and Reggie Corner and Mike Doss from Canton McKinley. Of all of them, Mike Doss has inspired me the most and we are close."

HudsonBuck: What position (in football) do you like best, and why? EGW: "I love playing runningback and getting the ball in space. I'm quick and can get through smaller holes to score touchdowns."

HudsonBuck: If you had to pick today, and would be an All-Star or All-Pro, would you rather be: starting CF and leadoff hitter for the Cleveland Indians, or starting flanker/slot and a feature of the offense for the Cleveland Browns? EGW: You lost me with the Cleveland Browns part, because I'm a Falcons fan. That would make me choose baseball, but in all seriousness either option would be unbelievable."

zulu1: Seriously....can you fly faster than a speeding bullet? EGW: "(Laughing) Hey, I'm Superman, so of course I can."

sturkdogg: More directly: What position will you play at OSU? EGW: "I'm not so sure yet, so it will be wherever Coach (Urban) Meyer needs me to play, either on offense or defense."

mballer: Would you rather win the Thorpe award or the Biletnikoff award? EGW: "I would say the Thorpe award, because it would be such a challenging accomplishment, but the Biletnikoff would be amazing too."

Ohiost28: What do you think is the real name for the "Percy Harvin" role? EGW: "To me, it should remain the Percy Harvin role, because he deserves that respect. I love that hybrid spot."

drewlaw00Buck: Who is the best player you have ever played against? EGW: "I would say Chris Wormley, from Toledo Whitmer."

drewlaw00Buck:What pro player do you most compare to in playing style? EGW: "I would say a rookie that is just coming in, Tavon Austin. I think Bill (Greene) would agree (laughing)."

HudsonBuck: Please tell us in your own words how much you hate tsun? Cursing acceptable. EGW: "I would say I won't cuss, but I hate the blue and yellow, and you will never see me wearing those colors. I think Coach Meyer wants us to hate them, but respect them, and they should feel the same about us."

Chidragon Have you normally played QB or RB throughout your junior high / high school career? EGW: "I played runningback only in junior high. I became a quarterback last season."

Chidragon How much practice at WR do you typically get, especially before camps like FNL and 7-on-7? EGW: "I really don't practice at all at wide receiver. I have great hands and I try to run the crispest routes I possibly can."

mark24eagles: Tell us about going up against Damon Webb at Friday Night Lights. What did that experience teach you? EGW: "He's a great player and I didn't even know who he was during the camp. I saw him as the best player there, so I called him out and wanted to go against him every rep. I found out he was a Buckeye later on, after the one-on-one drills. I loved the way he played defense."

GMbuckeye: How are your grades? EGW: "My grades are pretty good, but I need to do better. I have a 2.8 Core GPA, and I have a passing ACT score. I'm taking it again December."

drewlaw00Buck: Can Shaun Crawford check you? EGW: "Probably not, because I don't think anybody can check me. He's a great, great player, but if I don't think I can beat him, Coach Meyer shouldn't have me in the game."

Buckeyecrazy45: Can you beat Dontre Wilson in a race? EGW: "I have to see him in person first to answer that, but I won't back down from him or anyone."

kristuskia: Who is your favorite player in Buckeye history? EGW: "Mike Doss, hands down."

buckeyebones: Any possibility of playing QB at OSU? EGW: "Coach Meyer has never mentioned that to me at all, but if he wants me to try it, I would work at it and do my best."

daddybucks: What other team/coach/college impressed you the most next to tOSU and why? EGW: "I'd have to say Florida, because my dream as a younger player was to be a Gator. Obviously, things change (laughing)."

Hosedragger: I have no questions just pass on we all hope he has a successful and HEALTHY two more years of high school. EGW: "Thank you so much and I appreciate that."

TheSweaterVest: What aspect of your game do you hope to improve on this season? EGW: "I have to be a better passer this year, and be more like Braxton Miller in learning to not take big hits. Gotta learn to go out of bounds sometimes."

TheSweaterVest: At what point did you feel like Ohio State was the place you wanted to be? EGW: "I think I knew all along, but it really hit me about two weeks ago when I talked to my parents. I know I surprised Bill the other night (laughing), because it wasn't supposed to be for a few months, but laying in my bed at night it just came to me that now is the time."

TheSweaterVest: What does it mean to you to be the leader of the 2015 class? EGW: "It means a lot to me, and I'm approaching it from a leadership standpoint. I want to help bring people in, and help Coach Meyer win another national championship."

toledobuck: How is EGW going to prepare during the season and in the offseason, to outperform everybody and challenge for a spot in the OSU rotation from the moment he steps foot on campus? EGW: "I'm going to keep working hard, lifting and doing everything that will prepare me for Ohio State. I want to take everything a step at a time, and do everything right."

VBCoach: How does Bill Greene compare to the other reporters? EGW: "They all treat me great, but Bill is my main man, and always has been from Day-One (laughing)."

pondo171: What is your fastest forty time? EGW: "I ran a 4.34 electronic. That's the best, I think."

anaheimBUCK: How much do you expect to grow by June, 2015? EGW: "I'd like to be 6-foot, and play at 185-pounds."

TheKaiser21: Who is the best player you faced in a camp setting? EGW: "Damon Webb, for sure."

TheKaiser21: Who in your class have you seen or faced and thought, I have to get that kid to Columbus? EGW: "I let the coaches handle that, but I would say my good friend Jason Simon (Canton GlenOak)."

FTLBuck: How good is Damon Webb and how awesome was that catch you had against him in FNL? EGW: "The catch was just something I'm used to doing, and I saw the ball and got the first leap on him. He's a great player, and I think going against each other in practice every day would make both of us even better."

JoeBuck92: Do you hope to play baseball at OSU? EGW: "Only if Coach Meyer would allow me to play, because it's all up to him."

JoeBuck92: How likely are you to sign if you are drafted in baseball (and skip OSU football?). Would it have to be say top 2 rounds? EGW: "That would be something that I would have to talk over with my parents to be honest, and I really can't answer that one right now."

BigD555: At the OSU camp and the Friday Night Lights, you had a chance to compete against not just the best talent from 2015 but from the 2014 class as well, how do you feel you stack up within your 2015 class? Do you agree with Scout's rating of you as a 4-star prospect? EGW: "I think I can compete with anyone, anywhere, at any time. That's just how I am, but honestly I've never felt inferior to other players at all. I'd like to be ranked higher for sure, but I haven't seen all the other great players in my class."

chex1868: Do you think you can beat Bill in a forty (he sprints like normal and you back pedal the entire way)? EGW: "That wouldn't even be close at all, and I would win easy. I just wouldn't go across the middle on him (laughing)."

mrbigbux: Any inspiration from the long line of great athletes from Canton McKinley? EGW: "A lot of them, but Mike Doss and Ryan Brinson were both pretty special."

UAGoldenBuckeye: Why is Mark Pantoni so popular with recruits? EGW: "I don't really know him that well at all, so I can't say. I know Coach Meyer, Coach (Luke) Fickell and Coach (Mike) Vrabel the best."

NorthPoleBuckeye: Were you ever seriously considering going to any other schools besides OSU? EGW: "Yes, Tennessee was a school I considered lately, and Florida was up there a few years ago."

CaliBuckeye: What do you plan on majoring in at tOSU and what is your favorite subject? EGW: "I'm not sure what I want to major in, but my favorite subject is history."

Grant87: What do you listen to before you play? EGW: "I listen to Amigos, Soulja Boy, Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, and a lot of stuff really."

Grant87: Who do you "want" to be like when you get older? Why? EGW: "I would say I want to be like Joe Haden on the field, because I've met him and really like his style."

HudsonBuck: What is the best advice your parents have given you? EGW: "My mom and dad always stress to me to be humble, and never forget where I came from. To always put family first."

HudsonBuck: How does it feel to play in the greatest high school football rivalry now, and then moving on to the greatest college football rivalry? EGW: "It feels great and I'm always very angry toward my rival, so I'm fortunate to be able to be a part of both games. It's kind of hard to imagine, really."

HudsonBUck: Have you ever dreamed about returning to Canton and Fawcett Stadium someday, to give a speech? How does it feel knowing the Pro Football HOF is your home and roots? EGW: "Wow, that's kind of tough to even dream something like that. First off, I want to win the Heisman Trophy and represent my school in that fashion."

KansasCityBuckeye: Which Ohio State team/ game is the first one you remember? EGW: "I would say it was definitely the team that got to the national championship game with Ted Ginn and Troy Smith."

KansasCityBuckeye: Who are some of the coaches that best taught you and what did they teach you? EGW: "I had a junior high coach named Coach Fogle, and he was a great coach. He taught me to be a better person and a leader, because talent will only take me so far."

KansasCityBuckeye: How would you describe Urban Meyer? EGW: "He is one of the geatest coaches in America, and he has some swag to his game. I can't wait to be coached by him."

islandjoel: Will you still be camping next summer and are you hoping to get an invite to the Opening? EGW: "I'm not sure how many camps I will go to, and if I do it will be to check out other players and do some recruiting for Ohio State."

luvosu: When did you get the Superman name tag? EGW: "I have to say beginning of the summer, and it might have been Bill (Greene) who started that (laughing)."

OSUBUCGUY: Who has influenced you the most when it comes to personal conduct? EGW: "Once again, I would say it was my mom and dad, and they influence me every day."

ihatethesec: How close are you to your future game changing X-factor partner Dontre Wilson? EGW: "I've never met him, but hopefully we can be on the same field together some day."

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