Commits Speak: Ohio State

The Buckeyes are undefeated and the Ohio State commits have taken notice. They chime in with their thoughts on how the season has went so far.

The Ohio State commitments enjoyed a successful week on the gridiron last week. They chime in on their thoughts on the Buckeyes' season so far and a few players they have been impressed with.

Jalyn Holmes: "I think they are playing good football right now. I love watching Noah Spence play. He's only a sophomore but he is dominating already. It is motivation and inspiration to know that it could be me someday."

Stephen Collier: "I think Kenny is doing an amazing job leading the team while Braxton is working on getting back to 100%. I think the Ohio State fans taking over Cal's stadium was pretty amazing too and I'm just excited to get up to Columbus in two weeks."

Sam Hubbard: "I am really excited with the way the season has started for them. It is awesome to see a back-up quarterback come in and make such an impact. The most exciting thing to see has been how big a role freshmen like Joey Bosa and Dontre Wilson have played."

Kyle Trout: "I think they are dominating teams like they should and the offensive line is just controlling everyone. It's been good to see Taylor Decker bounce back and play so well."

Sean Nuernberger: "The team is getting stronger each week and will continue to get better. I can't wait to see what they do against the stronger part of the schedule. They have a chance to make it a memorable season."

Terry McLaurin: "I have really liked the tempo of the offense, especially against Cal. They had them guessing a lot and they took shots down the field early. I also like they never seem to let up. It's been a good season and they have a chance to make it a special one if they continue to improve."

Damon Webb: "I feel like Ohio State's season is going very well. They'll probably win pretty easily this week too. The offense looks explosive and I like how aggressive the defense plays. There's a lot of speed on the defense and Bradley Roby is fun to watch at corner. He wasn't perfect against Cal but he usually is."

Demetrius Knox: "I was watching the Cal game last week and I just felt honored that I'm going to be a part of all that someday. I'm proud to say I'm a Buckeye. Also, Kenny Guiton is on fire!"

Jamarco Jones: "Quite a few of their young players have played a lot and have been impressive. The offensive line has looked very good as well. They're a strong unit and all massive. The offense has been doing well because of them."

Malik Hooker: "Ohio State is looking very solid all-around early on. Everyone has looked great. I get jealous watching them because I want to be out there now. I'm looking forward to coming to Ohio State and playing in front of all the great fans. Go Bucks!"

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