Commits Speak: Ohio State

The Ohio State commits spoke out on their relationship with a few members of the Buckeyes' coaching staff. It is revealed how close a few of the commits are with their respective assistant coach as well as a few unique tidbits of information on a few others.

I asked the commits this week to talk about a particular coach on the Ohio State staff that they have a strong bond with.

A few of the Ohio State pledges also volunteered up some unique information about the coaches and some information that many may not know, such as Tom Herman and his taste for music.

Stephen Collier: "I am definitely closest to Coach (Tom) Herman. What gets lost in all of the glory that is Ohio State football is that he is a great family man who cares a lot about his kids. It seems like every time we talk he's on his way to go see them so that's something I appreciate about him."

Dylan Thompson: "I'm closest to Mike Vrabel but he's a pretty popular guy so everybody probably already knows everything about him. I love the energy that he brings to the game and the intensity he brings every single day. His players play the way that he coaches which is a sign of how impactful he is. He's one of the modern coaches that gets it and understands players."

Terry McLaurin: "I'm closest with Coach (Kerry) Coombs. He recruited me and he showed me around on my visit. He talked to my family and I the day I camped and told me what to expect. We talk once a week so we are real cool. Something people may not realize as much is how much he really cares about his players and recruits.

People probably know he's a passionate guy that is loud and crazy but he is completely honest all the time. He does not sugar coat anything. When you're doing bad, you know, and when you are doing well, you know. The night before their noon game against Florida A&M, he came and watched me play so he does what he has to do for his players."

Jalyn Holmes: "I have the strongest relationship with Coach (Zach) Smith. I like him because he is easy to talk to and we understand each other and know a lot about one another. He isn't just like a family member to me; he's like a family member to my entire family. Sometimes he's overlooked as a recruiter but he was the hardest worker I knew during my process."

Malik Hooker: "I'm real close to Coach (Luke) Fickell and Coach (Urban) Meyer. Coach Meyer is just too funny. He was the head coach most involved with me and by far was the funniest. I love how the coaches are all close. They are great people in general. Coach Fickell treats you like you're there already once you are a commit. He's already pushing me to be the best player I can and has major expectations."

Jamarco Jones: "I'm closest with Coach Vrabel. He recruited me from the start and made sure I fit in at Ohio State. He wanted to get to know everyone I was closest to and especially my family. He's a family-oriented guy himself and that impressed me. A ton of coaches talk about their family a lot and how it meant a lot, but it was so easily apparent with him."

Demetrius Knox: "I'm easily closest to Coach Herman. We both love old school rap so that is something different from him. Our guys are Biggie and Nas. He actually knows his stuff with that so I was a bit impressed."

Sean Nuernberger: "The one I'm closest to on the coaching staff is definitely Coach Coombs. He's by far one of the craziest coaches I've ever met. I've never seen a guy as energetic and lively as him. He also knows what he's talking about and has a real funny side."

Damon Webb: "Coach Coombs is my guy. He is a great man, not just a coach. He will get me to the next level and has convinced me of that. The part that won my family over is his insistence on making me better as an all-around individual."

Lonnie Johnson: "I probably know Coach Vrabel the most. He recruited me the best and was there for me when I needed someone to talk to. When I was going through some tough times and was struggling, he was someone I could lean on."

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