Brown Not Afraid To Speak Mind On Twitter

Ohio State is always one of the most talked about programs in college football, and for those who seem to direct the conversation against the Buckeyes, OSU wideout Philly Brown has a response. The senior is one of the most vocal defenders of the program on Twitter and explained why Monday.

Ohio State receiver Corey "Philly" Brown exudes confidence, especially on Twitter. Brown has recently taken to the social media platform to launch a vigorous and defense of the No. 4-ranked Buckeyes.

For anyone that takes exception to his recent bold statements and not-so-subtle digs at upcoming opponents, Brown wants you to know that these are personal matters. He said means every single word.

After debuting in the Associated Press preseason top 25 poll as the No. 2 spot in America (with one first-place vote), the Buckeyes have slowly but steadily dropped points and, until recently, entire spots in the national rankings. Ohio State dropped two spots to No. 4 during nonconference games in which it posted a 4-0 record and outscored its opponents 210-61. Even in retaining the No. 4 spot in the poll after a 31-24 win against then-No. 23 Wisconsin, the Buckeyes dropped 15 points in the poll from 1,320 to 1,305.

The Buckeyes return to the spotlight on Saturday with a trip to play No. 16-ranked and undefeated Northwestern. The game will be played before a national television audience and ESPN's "College GameDay show will broadcast in Evanston, a nod to the importance of the game within the Big Ten and in the national college football landscape.

In his latest attention-grabbing tweet, Brown said he's happy to back in the national focus for Ohio State's next game. However, Ohio State — not Northwestern — is the reason for the game is receiving national attention. Brown said.

From his Twitter account, @phillybrown10, Brown said, "It's a big game this week because WE made it a big game not them..."

Brown later deleted the tweet but explained the rationale behind his aggressive defense of the Buckeyes program prior to doing so.

"I'm just saying because of the amount of games we've won in a row, everybody is waiting for our downfall," Brown said during a Monday press conference at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. "But, I mean, the way that the team's working right now, (the way) we're playing right now, I just don't see that happening."

Prior to the Buckeyes nationally televised win against the Badgers, Brown also tweeted in defense of the program after several ESPN college football analysts put Ohio State on upset alert.

"It never fails...," Brown tweeted. "They get a team (Wisconsin), hype them up and you know what we do to them??? Smack them right back down."

ESPN analyst Mark May picked Wisconsin to win the game and then argued the Buckeyes' schedule was too weak after his prediction was wrong. As a result, Brown targeted May directly in his tweets.

"Mark may lol he gets paid to hate," Brown tweeted. "What's his record when it comes to picking against the buckeyes?"

The fact that Brown deleted the Monday tweet could indicate that he might have decided to be more careful about how he posts on the site. Maybe someone with the Ohio State program made that decision for him. Either way, what he's said so far is an accurate representation of his true feelings, he said.

"It's just the way I feel," Brown said. "What I tweeted, I meant. When people take shots at my team it's like taking shots at my family. I take that personal, so, whatever I say on Twitter, I really mean it.

"I mean, I think a lot of those people on ESPN that do those shows, they're the same way as all that haters that we have around here. They say we've got a weak schedule or whatever, so they say that we're not ready for the big game or whatever. But, I mean, we're just going to keep doing the same things that we've been doing and we're going to keep winning.

"I mean, they can only hold us down for so long."

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