Commits Speak: Ohio State

The Ohio State commits discuss the players that they model themselves after.

The commits were able to hang out with one another two weeks ago as the Buckeyes hosted Wisconsin for their primetime showdown. Many of the Ohio State pledges were on hand and enjoyed what they saw.

The commits are back this week. They discuss what players they model themselves after and why.

Malik Hooker: "I try to play similarly to C.J. Barnett. That is the role I will play when I get to Ohio State and he's a great player to take after."

Noah Brown: "I model myself after Dez Bryant. He is the complete wide receiver. He runs great routes, he catches the ball consistently, and he's dangerous after the catch. Making plays after the catch is one of the things I pride myself on. I also look up to Stevie Johnson because he runs phenomenal routes and I want to be able to do that at the next level. I need to in order to be elite and that's all I will settle for."

Jalyn Holmes: "Travis Williams is my guy. He was older than me in high school and plays at Youngstown State now. He transferred from Miami. He was my mentor and I want to play the game with the same hunger as he does."

Lonnie Johnson: "I try to be like Dez Bryant. He feels like nobody can stop him and I want to get that point."

Demetrius Knox: "I don't model myself after anyone. I try to be the person other people try and imitate."

Jamarco Jones: "I like to model myself after Jake Long and Joe Thomas. They are both great offensive tackles that can run and pass block."

Kyle Trout: "Mine would probably be Jack Mewhort. I've talked to him quite a few times. He is a great player and a great guy. He's a hard worker and a great leader, and of course, we both have red hair."

Stephen Collier: "I try to model myself after more than one player. I think that a lot of players do great things differently. I love the passion and precision that Peyton Manning plays with. I love Cam Newton's athleticism. I love Drew Brees' refusal to lose and the leadership that he brings to his team. In college, I love how Braxton Miller is so calm. I also love how relaxed (on the field) Johnny Manziel plays and how much fun he has. I pinpoint multiple players and not just one."

Sam Hubbard: "I like to watch Josh Perry. He came in at about my size according to the coaches and had to work to get where he is now. I am ready and want to do the same thing. I admire him and the way he plays."

Damon Webb: "I like to model myself after Joe Haden. I like him because I think I resemble his game as far as being a lockdown corner. He is the guy I watch when I try to perfect my technique."

Sean Nuernberger: "My favorite kicker, by far, is David Akers. My coach teaches his exact technique so I watch a ton of film on him."

Terry McLaurin: "My guy is probably DeSean Jackson. He's a playmaker that can change the game offensively and in the return game. He plays with an edge and attitude that no one can check him and thats my mentality when I step onto the field."

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