Nunez To Visit

2015 signal caller Lorenzo Nunez camped at several places over the summer, earning offers at many of his stops. One of those was to Ohio State and he will make a return trip in a couple weeks.

2015 Kennesaw (GA) Harrison quarterback Lorenzo Nunez is at the top of the recruiting board in the 2015 class for several programs across the nation.

The junior signal-caller is off to a sensational start to his season after turning in an impressive camp performance over the summer.

Two of the programs that have Nunez at or near the top of their board for the 2015 class are Georgia and Clemson. Both schools have already hosted Nunez on an unofficial visit this season and he has come away impressed.

The next visit up for Nunez is a trip north.

"I'm going to Ohio State at the end of this month to see them play Penn State," said Nunez. "I'm really looking forward to it. It is the only other visit I have scheduled as of now."

Nunez has already been to Ohio State once. He talked about that experience and what he hopes to get out of his next trip.

"I camped at Ohio State over the summer when I got the offer," he stated. "Me and my dad liked it a lot. We really enjoyed the chance to meet Coach (Urban) Meyer. It was a real good conversation. I'm going up there again to see what a game is like up there. I haven't been there for a game and I wanted to see what the environment was like. My mom hasn't been to Ohio State yet either so it is a good chance for her to check it out."

Relationships will be a key factor in Nunez's decision. He is visiting schools to learn more about the schools and their respective coaching staffs. Nunez is in the midst of developing a strong one with the Buckeyes' coaches.

"I have a real good relationship with Coach Meyer, Coach (Tom) Herman, and Coach Pantoni," noted Nunez. "We talk once a week and the rules kind of dictate that. We have a schedule down but it can get hectic because I have other schools to talk to as well."

"Ohio State has told me that they will be down this season to see me for a game but I'm not sure when," he added. "I know they don't play this week but neither do I. It didn't quite work out because of that. I think they will be down another time, though."

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