Bank Blog: Quick Thoughts Offense

Ohio State rallied from behind once again last Saturday to defeat Iowa 34-24. After trailing at the half, the Buckeyes dominated the game on both sides of the football. Who led the way offensively?

- It's probably now time to let out the dirty little secret about the Ohio State offense, but keep it to yourselves. Against REALLY bad teams, Ohio State will blow them out by revving up the Ferrari and it will be great fun. Swinging gate for two after touchdowns. Long passes. Long runs. Hilarious watching the men beat up the girls. BUT, big BUT here, when it's "winning time" and they are playing real football, Urban Meyer knows full well that Tressel-Ball works best. But don't tell anyone.

- Braxton Miller might have played his best overall game as a Buckeye, in my opinion, and he was something people have longed for in his development......... Wait for it........EFFICIENT and CONSISTENT. No highlight reel plays. No flash and dash. Just every throw on the numbers, and every run a first down. Fourth and ten? No problem. Put it in Braxton's hands, and don't hold unnecessarily. For those that think he can't play in the NFL, Brandon Weeden has a job in that league. Colt McCoy has a job in that league. Case Keenum has a job in that league. I could go on and on and on. There is a place for Braxton Miller in that league. Please.

- I really, really hate to use the word great and it gets used WAY too often. The tight ends are supposed to be great. Joey Bosa is supposed to be great. On and on and on. Carlos Hyde just might be a great player, in my opinion. There are a lot of really good backs I've seen play for Ohio State, and he's better than a lot of them. Is he Eddie George? Archie Griffin? Maurice Clarett? Lord, No, he isn't. But he's better, or as good, as the next group of runners. He gets better every week, and he is the heart and soul of this team. Nobody plays harder, or wants to win more. And I'm not going by the stupid sound bites from coaches and players either. I'm going by what I see on the field. This team cannot be what they can be without him. There's a reason Jordan Hall gets two carries in the last three games, which is two more than I want to see. There's just no comparison between these two players, so stop it. There is a place for Jordan Hall on this team, but it's certainly not as a prominent ball carrier. Hyde is a monster.

- The offensive line is as good as any in the country, and you hate to single guys out at all. This is a unit. A fist, with five equal parts. They pass block. They run block. They don't pillow-fight. I'm not sure if they use blocking sleds. But they are an excellent unit. They will be sorely missed next year, I'm afraid.

- It's hard to judge the wide receivers with such a pedestrian passing game, but they are making catches and have eliminated the key drops. This is not the BYU passing attack of the 1990's, but it's good enough to win games with. I do see lots of improvement in Devin Smith, and he is now far more than just a deep threat. Philly Brown is a good #2 guy, and Evan Spencer is serviceable. This group is fine.

- Drew Basil will go down in history as a faceless, nameless, guy. He could be in the witness protection plan for all we know. BUT, I think there will come a game where he will need to hit a 45-yard field goal on the last play of the game. And I think he will make it. Another one you won't appreciate until he's gone, and the replacement is shanking 29-yarders into the crowd.

- Fans hate it. Bettors hate it. But I love seeing the team trail at halftime. I love seeing a team have to battle and scrap their way to victory. You get nothing out of scrimmaging Cal or Florida A&M&B&G, or whoever. This is real football, and where you learn to grind out wins. Urban Meyer's best teams at Florida were grinders, not FlashDancers. Trust me on that.

- In summary, I like this offense. It's definitely not a Ferrari, but it's sure not the Covered Wagon either. There is enough flash, but there sure is a lot of Tressel-Ball too. And they will need both to win every game.

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