Hawaii Mid Season

Hawaii has reached the halfway point of its season and...is 0-6. So while bowl eligibility is not gone, it's also not super likely at this point. What does Hawaii have to do to maximize its chances?

Scrimmage results:


Taylor Graham — 4 of 10 (two drops) for 105 yards, including 60-yard TD

Ikaika Woolsey — 3 of 7 (two drops) for 30 yards and an interception

Jeremy Higgins — 4 of 9 (three drops) for 41 yards


Kwamane Bowens — 3-17

Justin Vele — 1-3

Bubba Poueu-Luna — 2-100, including 60-yard TD

Ammon Barker — 1-25

Quinton Pedroza — 3-27

Tyler Liana — 1-4


Jason Muraoka — 9-46

Josh Gonda — 5-39

Jeremy Higgins — 1-5 and a touchdown

Ikaika Woolsey — 3-minus 10, including two sacks

These stats are brought to you courtesy of the Warrior Beat Blog and Steven Tsai. And while they aren't indicative of much (they involved mostly players coming off injury) they tell you at least one really important fact: Taylor Graham might finally be ready to see the field. Prior to the season I was championing the Graham bandwagon and it did not go nearly as well as I'd hoped. Still, after three games of Schroeder and Woosley, I'm convinced that our best chance at actually putting up a W still rests with Taylor and his ability to put some trust in his receivers. If Schroeder showed us anything, it's that really all you need to do is heave the ball up there and let your guy make a play. With the exception of a couple nice deep balls, Schroeder's passes were less good than they were...lucky? Lucky in that he's throwing to guys who are desperate to make a play. Hopefully Taylor was watching to learn that really, he doesnt need to win the game by himself. He has the pieces in place to help make that happen.

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