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Ohio State demolished Penn State 63-14 Saturday night in Columbus, and the game wasn't as close as the score indicates. The Nittany Lions ran into the perfect storm and never really had a chance in this game.

- No need to do two blogs this week, one for offense and one for defense. Just understand that every player played his best game of the year and go from there.

- For the coaching staff, this was one that Urban Meyer wanted badly and some of the things that took place against Iowa were the very things that Penn State paid the price for.

- Offensively, Braxton Miller is as good as any quarterback in America when he's on his game. Carlos Hyde is as good as any back in America when he's on his game. The offensive line is always on their game, and they are always one of the best groups in the country. The wide receivers are very good, and they played their best Saturday. The result? They scored 63 points and it could have been 83 points if Urban wanted 83.

- I will say this to the people that say Braxton isn't ready to play in the NFL. Absolute horrible players such as Colt McCoy, Seneca Wallace, Charlie Frye, Brandon Weeden, Brian Hoyer, Jason Campbell, Brady Quinn, Jake Delhomme and Thaddeus Lewis have all started games recently for the Cleveland Browns. That is a trash haulers dream come true. And Braxton can't compete with that garbage? PLEASE. And that's just one NFL team. There are plenty of other bums floating around that league that cannot play football either.

- Defensively, there were a few stark contrasts to last week's game, and two of them were the defensive line not getting the "crap" beat out of them, apologies to Mike Vrabel, and Bradley Roby turning back into Bradley Roby. Had these two factors not occurred, Penn State controls the football a lot more and keeps the Ohio State offense off the field a lot more.

- Football is still won in the trenches, even though this is the offensive era with all the rule changes. Ohio State dominated both lines and that was basically game over. When the defensive line is stopping the run, and pressuring the passer, it masks a lot of inexperience and less talented players in the back end.

- I think this year's defense is a year away, but they can still play at a level high enough to win out. Last night, Ohio State played three players that have played a lot of defensive football at Ohio State: Ryan Shazier, C.J. Barnett and Bradley Roby. Surrounding them are guys that are either very young, very talented and inexperienced, or guys that are older, not all that talented and inexperienced. Next year, it should be better, just from the fact that the defensive line should be dominant. If they lose Roby and Shazier, it will still be a very inexperienced back-seven.

- Contrast the defense to being able to trot out Braxton Miller, Carlos Hyde, Jeff Heuerman, Philly Brown, Devin Smith, Corey Linsley, Marcus Hall, Jack Mewhort and Andrew Norwell. I know which group I'd rather be coaching. Tom Herman has done a great job, without question, and offense will need to carry this team to another undefeated season. Last year in bigger games, the offense sputtered and the defense had to rescue them. This year would seem to be the opposite. There are no perfect rosters, except Alabama the past four or five years.

- You do not have to be the best team in America to win the national championship. You just have to be the best team on the field for three hours each week, no matter the opponent. Is Ohio State the best team in the country today? No, they aren't in my opinion. Does that mean anything on Sunday morning, October 27? Not at all.

- As I've said for over a month, Ohio State is in the BEST position to make the championship game of any other team in America, including Alabama, Oregon or Florida State. Notice how that list gets shorter every single week? Well it's a LONG way from being decided. A LONG way. And for the record, Ohio State is STILL in the BEST position to make the championship game of any team in America. BANK That.

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