Buckeye Recruiting: DY And Bank

Ohio State not only rolled 63-14 over Penn State this past weekend, but the Buckeyes also hosted several top prospects on visits. Where do things stand currently with the Ohio State recruiting effort? Derek Young and Bill Greene break it all down.

Ohio State just finished their final big recruiting weekend for game visits, and the Buckeyes welcomed in an amazing group of talent for the 63-14 victory over Penn State.

Let's take a look at how these visits impact recruiting the rest of the way for Ohio State, not only 2014 but 2015 as well.

***** 2014 RECRUITING CLASS: *****

GREENE: Numbers ARE a factor at this point. They have 18 commitments and 18 open spots. Simply put, for every commit they land from this point on, another player must leave the program.

YOUNG: I can see six more added to the class, and that's IF all the current commits sign with Ohio State.

Josh Malone YOUNG: Getting him on campus was big and it was worth a shot. I think he goes to Tennessee. GREENE: Don't see this one.

Raekwon McMillan YOUNG: I think he is Ohio State's to lose and things only got better this weekend. GREENE: He's a Buckeye.

Tony Brown YOUNG: There are a lot of reasons for him to stay South. I think it's LSU. GREENE: Ohio State put on a great show, but he stays South.

Avery Gennesy YOUNG: I'm not sure they would take him and Chad Mavety, but he definitely has Ohio State higher and Texas A&M might get Jermaine Eluemunor. One to watch. GREENE: Don't see this kid at Ohio State, but JUCO players are crazy ones to follow. Until they sign, ANYTHING is possible.

Solomon Thomas YOUNG: Two unofficial visits mean a lot, but he's done this with Stanford too. I think Ohio State has a chance. GREENE: Going to go out on a limb and predict that Ohio State gets Solomon Thomas in the end. 50% inside info. 50% pure guess.

Malik McDowell YOUNG: I think he's going to Michigan and it's been that way since summer. GREENE: Not Ohio State.

Juju Smith YOUNG: I think USC can get him, but he is looking at other schools. Oregon, Notre Dame, Michigan and Ohio State are all in it. GREENE: He doesn't mention USC much, but I think he will be playing college football there.

Johnnie Dixon YOUNG: I think it's either Ohio State or Miami, but Alabama could be in it. Miami has taken a lot of wide receivers. GREENE: Still think Ohio State has a fighting shot here, but Miami would be the favorite I believe.

Travis Rudolph YOUNG: I'm not at all optimistic on him. GREENE: Not Ohio State.

Marshon Lattimore YOUNG: Typical Glenville recruit to me. Ohio State. GREENE: Buckeye.

Erick Smith YOUNG: Same as Lattimore. Ohio State. GREENE: Buckeye.

Chad Mavety YOUNG: I believe Ohio State has him. He's lost some offers, so Florida State would be the concern. GREENE: JUCO kid. That creates doubt until he signs. I'm feeling Ohio State. Just like I did with Eluemunor.

Thomas Holley YOUNG: I think it's either Ohio State or Penn State, with Notre Dame out of it. I see Ohio State here. GREENE: Have to think Penn State could have an edge with the promise of early playing time, but Ohio State is right there. Could be deciding soon.

Damian Prince YOUNG: A lot of schools seem to still be in it for him, but I'm not optimistic on Ohio State's chances. GREENE: Turn out the lights. The party's over.

Alex Bookser YOUNG: Think he follows the familiar pattern of the local kids looking around, but staying with Pittsburgh. GREENE: This one has faded away from Ohio State.

SUMMARY: Young: I see six more, with Lattimore, Smith, Mavety and Holley as four of my choices. Then, I've got McMillan and Solomon Thomas as the final two. GREENE: Too early to speculate on a final number, and I still remember Taivon Jacobs and the Punter from the last class. Gotta see about the four early-NFL guys first.

***** 2015 RECRUITING CLASS: *****

Lorenzo Nunez YOUNG: I think they are pushing hard for him, because they don't want to end up like things went in the 2014 class. I think Ohio State will push hard and possibly get Nunez. GREENE: This sure seems like the pick for Tom Herman and Urban Meyer, and I don't think we see a repeat of Deshaun Watson, Jerrod Heard, Kyle Allen and/or Brandon Harris for this class. I've got Nunez as the guy. In pencil, but with ink in hand.

Brandon Wimbush YOUNG: He loves Ohio State, but his chances might depend on what Nunez does. GREENE: Talented player. He might be behind Nunez, but get turned to if the former drags his feet too long.

Torrance Gibson YOUNG: He really wants to visit Ohio State. GREENE: If they would recruit him strictly as a quarterback, they could land this kid. Can they do that with Nunez and Wimbush in the picture? Might have to recruit him as an athlete and hope for the best. Ohio State is DEFINITELY in this one.

Kelly Bryant YOUNG: No offer yet is pretty telling to me. GREENE: PLAN-C. But they're going to be aggressive with the quarterbacks. I see a commitment coming from one before spring and that will be the guy.

Jacques Patrick YOUNG: I'm pretty tight with someone here, and things sure went great this weekend. Stan Drayton made a great impression. If he leaves Florida it could be Ohio State. GREENE: Florida kids are tough to land as juniors. There could be three commitments and decommitments still left to work through. Ohio State wants a stud runningback in this class.

L.J. Scott YOUNG: Keep hearing there are grade issues, but who knows? He can certainly play. GREENE: What are grade issues? You either qualify or you don't, and half of any recruiting class is up in the air every year anyway. If Scott gets his offer from Ohio State, I see him as a Buckeye. If not, it's Michigan State.

Sotonye Jamabo YOUNG: I just know that he is very close with the Mitchell family, and that helps Ohio State. Will he be able to visit unofficially? GREENE: I have a good feeling about things working out with SoSo, but that is a ways off. You could take Scott as the hammer, with SoSo as the flyer.

Drew Richmond YOUNG: Might not happen until late spring or summer, but Ohio State is in great shape here. GREENE: Buckeye.

Justin Hilliard YOUNG: Think Ohio State has made up a lot of ground with this kid. GREENE: A long way to go, but I see this kid as a Notre Dame/Ohio State battle, although there are several others involved.

Jeffery Holland YOUNG: Ohio State has really impressed this kid, and I think they are in great shape with him. GREENE: Not as optimistic. Need to see/hear more.

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