Buckeye Recruiting: DY And Bank Bring It

Ohio State is currently ranked at number-eight nationally for the 2014 recruiting class. As the Buckeyes take their second break of the year, where do things stand with their recruiting class?

As Ohio State hits their second bye week of the season, what is the current status of the 2014 recruiting class? The Buckeyes are currently ranked in the eighth spot in the country.

QUARTERBACK: Stephen Collier is committed. Young: Until they see what Braxton Miller is doing, they will be sitting tight. If he leaves, I could see them bringing in a JUCO not another freshman. Greene: Regardless of what Braxton does, they might feel good about Cardale Jones and/or J.T. Barrett. If they bring in a JUCO it would be to be the starter.

RUNNINGBACK: Parris Campbell is committed. Young: I don't see them adding one at this point. Greene: With the logjam they faced this season, and several good ones on the hook for 2015, I think they're done.

WIDE RECEIVER: Four or five committed, depending upon Lonnie Jonson's status. Young: They still want an outside guy, and I don't think they're getting Travis Rudolph or Josh Malone. Johnnie Dixon is the one they want, with Trevion Thompson in the picture. Greene: I think Dixon is the one they want badly, and they have a fighting shot.

TIGHT END: Nobody committed. Young: The roster is very thin, so you have to think they might still look to bring one in. Greene: They felt they were getting Mike Gesicki, and when that fell through they might start all over. Could Sam Hubbard start out at tight end, or will they go find one at this late date?

OFFENSIVE LINE: Four commits. Young: I think they're getting Chad Mavety, and they have Frank Ragnow and Avery Gennesy as backups. They are still recruiting Alex Bookser and Damian Prince. Greene: Agree on Ohio State landing Mavety, but Florida State has Jameis Winston as the lead recruiter and that's a little concerning. If they get Mavety, they would probably only look to take sure things like Prince or Bookser. If they lose Mavety, they could reach out to Plan-B in Ragnow, while still chasing the other two. Tim Gardner is still in the picture reportedly, but they can get far better.

DEFENSIVE LINE: Two commits. Young: If Thomas Holley is OUT, and I think he is, that could open up a spot for someone new. In great shape with Solomon Thomas, and that's worth watching. Greene: Agree on Holley, and I still think Daniel Cage fits in with what they are looking for. I see them adding a tackle, and they will fight to the end for Solomon Thomas. And they can get him.

LINEBACKER: Three committed. Young: I don't know if they're even talking to anyone other than Raekwon McMillan. Greene: Raekwon or bust, although I think it's Raekwon.

DEFENSIVE BACK: Damon Webb is the only current commit, unless Malik Hooker is a safety. Young: They're still in it with Juju Smith and Tony Brown, but I'm not confident on either one. Marshon Lattimore and Erick Smith could be in. Greene: I think the two Glenville four-stars are IN, and I don't know of anyone else I think is in the picture. See Brown and Smith as pure pipedreams.

OVERVIEW: The status of Lonnie Johnson could mean there is one more spot available. If Thomas Holley is indeed OUT, that's another spot because most people had him IN. With Michael Bennett now hitting NFL draft boards, does he get added as a "maybe" with Braxton Miller, Ryan Shazier, Bradley Roby and Devin Smith? Is there a LOT more room available than previously thought? Young: The new rules on contact really limit a lot of the late recruiting that goes on between the last game and the bowl game, but Urban Meyer has been on the road this week more than ever before. He will be at Mavety's game this Saturday, and has been in several states this week. Greene: I think room has been cleared and there DEFINITELY will be new names popping up in the next week or so. They have one home game left, and I think we might see some official visitors for the Indiana game. What looked pretty much over two weeks ago now has some uncertainty to it.

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