Lets take a look at this exciting West Side team and its prospects

I had a chance to catch this team up close and personal Friday Night. What a job that coach Jason Johnson has done at West Side. The Cougars lost a nail biter to East Chicago Central 46-44. This offensive dynamo put up numbers in bunches all year.

Explosive receiver Lonnie Johnson, an Ohio State commit has all the tools to be a standout in Columbus. He played both receiver and free safety for the Cougars.

The best Cougar on Friday was senior receiver JonVea Johnson. The speedy Johnson has a field day with over 300 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns for "The Side". Some of the Big Ten Schools need to wake up and get involved. JonVea Johnson should be a national recruit.

Junior QB Ramone Atkins was again solid throwing for over 400 yards and 5 touchdowns. He threw for 49 touchdowns on the season. He will surely be on the recruiters radar for next season.

The Cougars have plenty of other good college prospects as well. OL Preston Sale Smith is a top junior tackle.


Class of 2014

WR/DB Lonnie Johnson 6-3 188

WR JonVea Johnson 6-0 175

RB Henry Smith 5-8 165

LB Malcolm Jordan 5-7 210

LB Devonte Anthony 6-0 205

WR/CB Khalil Muhammad Upshaw 6-3 160

RB Tywoun Nixon 5-5 150

OL Charles Butler 6-0 230

LB DeAnthony Hall 5-9 200

OL Erin Dupree 6-2 260

LB/TE DeAndre Lampley 6-3 200

Class of 2015

QB Ramone Atkins 6'2 212

OL Preston Sale Smith 6-5 290

WR Anton Coleman 6-0 170

WR Christian Jacobs 6-6 200

RB Barrie Wesby 5-8 185

DT Lamont Steele 6-0 290

Class of 2016

LB Mylic Mosely 6-2 210

WR Deshawn Williams 5-11 160

Class of 2017

DL Eliott Richards 5-8 215

QB Bryce James 5-11 150

OL Timothy Black 6-4 280

WR Kaylin Brookshire 6-0 150

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