Patchan receives new offer

2015 defensive end Scott Patchan is well aware of what Urban Meyer brings to the table. His brother played for Meyer at Florida. Now he has the opportunity to do the same as Ohio State has offered the Tampa prospect.

2015 Tampa (FL) Freedom defensive end Scott Patchan has racked up nine offers to date.

Clemson, Miami, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt are a few of the schools to extend a scholarship and Ohio State is the latest.

The offer from the Buckeyes was a significant one for Patchan who has a connection with the current Ohio State head coach.

"It meant a lot," said Patchan about the Ohio State offer. "It was great because I was able to get it from Coach Meyer. Coach Meyer coached my older brother while he was at Florida. He's a national championship caliber coach. That really makes Ohio State an attractive school."

Patchan explained the impact the offer from the Buckeyes would have since his family was already familiar with the head coach.

"I wouldn't say Ohio State has an edge because of that but it's something that will definitely be taken into consideration," he told Scout. "It's way too early in the recruiting process for me to say any team has an edge over another."

The Buckeyes' staff has let Patchan know about what he would be getting himself into if he chose to attend their school.

"Ohio State has told me that they definitely have something special at Ohio State and that I'd be missing out if I didn't go there," Patchan mentioned. "They say I have a home up there and to keep watching them put up the results on the field and envision myself being a part of it."

Patchan is still uncertain about his visits but hopes to get on the road and see several after the Spring.

"Nothing is set in stone yet but I plan on visiting Ohio State," he noted. "I'll visit a lot of colleges and it'll probably take place after the spring. It'll most likely be around then and Ohio State is a place I'll have on the list to see."

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