Bank Blog: Recruiting Update

Although it's only mid-November, a lot has fallen into place with Ohio State's 2014 recruiting class. The decommitment of Lonnie Johnson and the cooling on Thomas Holley would seem to indicate things are getting serious in Buckeye-Land.

- Might as well lay it all out there in the first paragraph: All three Glenville players are signing with Ohio State on National Signing Day. While this is not exactly stunning news, there has been a tad of doubt on their destination, especially with Alabama lingering. There is no suspense. It's Over.

- After talking to all three players today, I refuse to give any other school even a 1% shot at this time. Marcelys Jones insisted he will visit Alabama. Marshon Lattimore and Erick Smith both stated they will take all five official visits. I think all three might only take one: to Ohio State the weekend of December 13th. They all said they will visit Alabama the weekend prior, which is interesting because the SEC championship game is that weekend and I expect the Tide staff to be out of town at that time.

- Smith and Lattimore insist they will be announcing at the Army Bowl in early January. The dead period starts after the weekend of the 13th. They might be playing in the playoffs every weekend up to the 6th. Could they take visits in January after announcing? I guess, but I don't see that happening. Could they visit mid-week to schools? None are planned. My take? They visit Ohio State officially on December 13th, and that is the only visit.

- Predicting where JUCO's will sign is like predicting the next Big Ten team that will beat Ohio State. It has to happen some day, but good luck with that. Apologies to those that listened to the Jermaine Eluemunor prediction, but I know four other schools that got it wrong too. Chad Mavety is returning to Ohio State for the Indiana game. He's not coming back for the lovely weather, great food or awesome afternoon atmosphere. He's coming to do business, and firm up his college choice. Ohio State is getting Chad Mavety if he makes that visit.

- This is the time of year when players look to protect their choice of schools, especially those announcing at the All-Star games. They hate when guys like me figure it out, so they do all they can to throw people off the trail. We are now basically six weeks away, so tweets and interviews should be looked at with a suspicious eye. I'm expecting Raekwon McMillan to make some sort of statement about how his recruitment has tightened up recently. Just as predictable, after years of doing this, I'm not going to be buying what he's selling. I have zero doubt that he will be signing with Ohio State, repeat zero.

- Wide receiver is still up in the air, and I have Johnnie Dixon staying close to mom and spurning Ohio State and Alabama for Miami. Josh Malone and Travis Rudolph are out. Trevion Thompson is still lingering out there and never seems to find his school. Not saying he's The One, but he's still out there.

- Still see one more offensive lineman being added, even if it happens to be a PLAN-B type. I do expect them to shoot for the stars, but if they come up short and want to take a project this would be a good spot. They have four committed (possibly five with Mavety), but one more would seem to make a lot more sense. I have no names yet, but would be stunned if one doesn't pop up in the next few weeks.

- Leaving Lonnie Johnson and Thomas Holley at the altar really opens things up for Urban Meyer from a number's perspective. I definitely see him looking at schools that are expected to have coaching changes, and not only head coaches. The players develop relationships with assistants, and staff firings can open up recruitments in a hurry. The past two recruiting seasons should have taught Ohio State fans about the art of the flipped recruit. The month of January could see more of that, and there is room for the flipper to make hay with potential flippees. Not going to mention any names right now, but if I were the head coach at Ohio State I KNOW a few kids I would be taking a run at if potential changes are made. And thankfully for Buckeye fans, Urban Meyer is a LOT smarter than I am.

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