Bank Blog: Quick Thoughts Offense

Ohio State defeated Michigan 42-41 in one of the greatest games in this amazing series. The Ohio State offense more than lived up to the hype in this game, and was rarely stopped throughout the game.

- First off, Michigan TRIED to do exactly what they needed to do and as I wrote in my game preview. They TRIED to stop Carlos Hyde and make Braxton Miller beat them throwing the football. The only problem with that strategy was they had no chance stopping Hyde or Miller.

- Ohio State's offensive efficiency was pretty amazing, especially considering they did not throw the football all that much. They lined it up, ran through Michigan's front-seven, and got up and did it again. Over and over and over. Ohio State had 11 drives and scored six touchdowns. The MOST AMAZING STAT? Ohio State only ran 61 plays in this game, and scored six touchdowns. Had the defense got the ball back quicker these numbers would be even higher. Another amazing stat? Ohio State only had EIGHT third down plays all game. They moved the football that well.

- Carlos Hyde is a great football player, and he earned his place among the greatest runningbacks to play at Ohio State. I will let others determine where he deserves to be in school history, but he is a GREAT (capital letters) football player. The fumble was so out of character, and there was no doubt he would take the field next time and stick it up Michigan's tail all the way to the end zone.

- Braxton Miller was spotty throwing the football, but he was never allowed to get into a rhythm at all and only had 15 attempts. Had they needed him to throw more I believe he would have put up big numbers, because he made some amazing throws in the game. His running is off the charts though, and he and Hyde might be the two best running threats in the country. Devin Smith going deep was there all day and I thought Ohio State might come back to it, but the way they were running the football let them keep that in their back pocket.

- Pat Elflein deserves a ton of praise and he came up big when Marcus Hall got tossed. When Jack Mewhort was hurt against Illinois, the Buckeyes put Daryl Baldwin into the game. Within a few snaps Mewhort was back in there, injured or not. Had Hall been allowed to return in the second half, Urban Meyer might have said "No thanks." Props to Mr. Elflein.

- The "other" offensive linemen might have played their best game collectively, and you could almost say that every week. Not sure where this line ranks as a group in Ohio State history, but they ended their regular season careers against Michigan in fine fashion. Ed Warriner deserves a lot of credit for his work with this group, and next year will be another type of challenge for him. He has to be considered one of the best offensive line coaches in the game, and he is working with the best group in the country. Nice combination, I'd say.

- Next week, presents a MUCH bigger challenge for this group and they have not been able to score against Michigan State in two years. Both the Ohio State offense and Michigan State defense know each other well, and these players have been in this game the past three years. There will be a lot of experienced players on the field when the Buckeyes have the football. This matchup will determine the outcome, in my opinion.

- The Alabama outcome is now over, and I FREAKING CALLED IT, LOL. Ohio State will play for the right to go to the championship game next weekend in Indianapolis. Will be taking a closer look at this game by the middle of next week, and it should be a beauty.

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