Bank Blog: The Morning After

Ohio State is still standing following one of the craziest days in college football history, and the Buckeyes have the inside track to the title game. Where do things stand with Ohio State as they prepare for Michigan State?

- The dust has settled after yesterday's bombshell day in college football, and it was a day that reinforced why people love the sport so much. It's hard to recreate that type of drama and Saturday will be talked about for years.

- For Ohio State specifically, where do they stand in the college football world? I'm not a BCS guru, but I see no way any one-loss team jumps Ohio State if they defeat Michigan State, whether it's 35-34 or 3-2. So the job at hand is to find a way to beat the Spartans and punch a ticket to Pasadena.

- Going to wait a few days before looking at the game, but where most people go wrong in their predictions is by comparing scores and looking at stats. To quote Jim Tressel, "The game has a heartbeat and it's more than a set of numbers and facts." He was so right, and college football is so similar to boxing, in that STYLES MAKE THE FIGHT. Just because A beats B, and B beats C, DOES NOT mean that C can't beat A. Will be looking closely at the Ohio State/Michigan State matchup this week.

- I had always maintained Ohio State was in GREAT position to make the title game, and I've been writing that since early October when there were a lot of undefeated teams. A quick look at the schedules and teams, and I just didn't see a great team out there this year. I saw a lot of darn good teams, but it's hard for multiple darn good teams to go unbeaten. I know people hate to hear it, but the Big Ten being so feeble caused me to think Ohio State could go undefeated again and I liked their chances as well as any other team. The goal was not necessarily to be the best team at all, but be an undefeated team.

- Assuming Ohio State beats Michigan State, and that's a dangerous assumption, I feel Auburn did the Buckeyes a HUGE favor Saturday. I know a lot of people felt Florida State is more dangerous than Alabama and would rather face the Crimson Tide. I can assure you no coach in football feels that way, including Urban Meyer.

- I did think Alabama was vulnerable and did predict Auburn to win, but NOBODY wanted to play them in the title game. They faced a huge weight in trying to get through the SEC and it started to show recently. The first half against LSU and the game with Mississippi State revealed a team looking to run out the clock on the season and get it over with, but that's not how these things go. They cracked under the pressure against Auburn and it would have gotten worse had they escaped and made it to the SEC championship. BUT, big BUT, had they made it to the BCS title game they would have relaxed with only one game to gear up for and they would have demolished Florida State, Ohio State, Oregon, or a combination of all three. Alabama losing was better for both Florida State and Ohio State.

- So what about Florida State? Are they great? Are they miles ahead of Ohio State? Like the Buckeyes, what do you see with the Seminole schedule that sticks out? A nice win over Clemson? OK. A win over Miami? Please. Those wins are the same as wins over an average Wisconsin team, and a pretty good Michigan State team should that occur. There is no reason to fear Florida State, and they aren't Alabama, and Jimbo Fisher ain't Nick Saban in a one-game deal.

- Before worrying about Florida State, the Buckeyes need to defeat Michigan State or that becomes a moot point. But IF, big IF, Ohio State CAN beat Michigan State, there is no reason to feel they won't be able to beat Florida State in a one-game showdown with a month to prepare. It would be Urban Meyer vs. Jimbo Fisher, and these title games come down to coaching so often.

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