Bank Blog: Recruiting Update

Ohio State has no time to wallow in self-pity after losing to Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship game, so the Buckeye staff is out recruiting. What's happening on the recruiting front? And is there some team news to be found?

- The biggest news right for Ohio State would be the Johnnie Dixon announcement that is set for this coming weekend. It was postponed last weekend, which did not surprise me. I don't think it's a big secret that the player wants Ohio State, but there were reservations coming from his mom. What might be a surprise is that his coaching staff has not been supportive of Ohio State either. Last night, Ohio State had a home visit with Dixon's crew. I have NEVER been in the camp of Dixon to Ohio State because I've seen these deals over and over before in Florida, where the player wants a school, and BOTH coach and family are against it. Those RARELY go the way of the player. I was told today that this meeting DEFINITELY went in Ohio State's favor, and mom was pretty much sold on her son going to school in Columbus. I have nothing on the high school staff's reaction. I'm not ready to call Dixon to Ohio State, and right now I'm sticking with Miami, but I'm starting to watch this one a lot closer. The key will be determining if they were told what they wanted to hear, or if things really are cool with mom. Will keep digging.

- Raekwon McMillan has buttoned things up tighter than a drum, as I predicted would happen. In these cases, usually what's being floated out there is pure horse-droppings. He's not going to schedule an announcement this far in advance to have himself outted by a coach, a recruiting writer, or the girl sitting next to him in study hall. If you look around, you can see guessers calling him to Ohio State, Clemson and Alabama. I think it's been Ohio State for a long time, and I haven't seen a change in this recruitment, unlike Dixon's. I'm still calling McMillan to Ohio State, mainly because of all the visits, and the fact that his lead-up has gone the way I've seen them go a million times. Very similar to Vonn Bell.

- I'm not at all optimistic on Solomon Thomas and Ohio State, and they have done the home visit this week. Seems odd that he came to Ohio State unofficially twice, but never scheduled an official visit. There is still time for that to happen, and it NEEDS to happen for him to sign with Ohio State in my opinion. This one seems to be trending away from the Buckeyes, as opposed to Dixon.

- I'm STILL calling the Glenville threesome to Ohio State, although the Marcelys Jones deal is a strange one. One INTERESTING sidelight is that there is the thought that Jones signed a mid-year agreement with Kentucky, same as he did with Ohio State. If that's true, it means the Alabama pipe dream is over, and not just for him but Marshon Lattimore and Erick Smith. I NEVER had any doubt about any of them going to Alabama, and there shouldn't be any doubt, but Nick Saban coming to Cleveland Glenville this week is an attention-getter. I'm almost more confident on Smith and Lattimore to Ohio State than I am on Jones, only because of all the trips he's taking. The trip to Kentucky WAS NOT with Ohio State's blessing, and not with his teammates, Smith and Lattimore. Not sure how Ohio State will view that visit. Smith and Lattimore will be Buckeyes, and I see no chance that isn't true. They will go to school together, and they are both homebodies, not the adventurous types. Lattimore was not feeling well on his trip to Alabama and spent most of his time in his hotel room. They also got there late because of plane trouble, and could have extended their trip per NCAA rules. However, they chose to come home on the original flight, rather than stay longer.

- There are VERY FEW occasions where I scream and shout about a player being a star at Ohio State. I will say a player can play, or I feel he might be able to play. Sometimes, although not often at all, I might say there is no chance for a player to hit the field at Ohio State. Ryan Shazier was the last player I screamed about before he ever put on a uniform, and said he wouldn't be a good player, but he would be a star. I'm about to give my next one:

- Corey Smith. Look out next year, because he has gone flat out crazy in the past month and might be the best wide receiver on the team right now. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT a criticism of Ohio State for redshirting him. When that decision was made Corey was not playing well on the field, as the adjustment to Ohio State was slow. Once the decision was made to redshirt him, there really was no reason to second guess that call. But in the past six weeks he has gone from probable starter next year to possible star next year. There are people inside Ohio State that would rank him ahead of Devin Smith and Corey Brown right now. I'm GUARANTEEING he makes an impact this spring and more importantly, next season. Hold me to this one. He might be their best receiver next season, whether Devin Smith returns or not.

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