Bank Blog: Quick Thoughts

Ohio State lost a five-point heartbreaker to Clemson Friday night in the Orange Bowl, closing the season with two straight losses. What went right and what went wrong during the game?

- Have to say first and foremost, that we've seen talented teams lay down in bowl games and crawl into the fetal position and ask for the beating to stop. That did not happen last night for an Ohio State team that had every reason to do so.

- As expected because they've done it every time they've taken the field under Urban Meyer, this team played their tails off. They came up just short against a very talented team. No problem at all with the effort, because it was an A+ from every player that took the field.

- Alabama fans are now questioning Nick Saban on message boards, so it's no surprise to see Buckeye fans now worried about Urban Meyer's ability to coach football. Trust me, both men can still coach and will soon be back out-coaching the current flavors of the week.

- I picked Clemson to win, and I think my reasons were valid. They aren't excuses, although some will see it that way. This isn't PlayStation. These are real people and injuries, illnesses, suspensions and the like are REAL. It affects teams. In the NFL. In college sports. In high school. Coaches HATE distractions. Last night you saw why.

- Braxton Miller was a warrior and I'm sure morons will blame him for losing the game, but after this isn't my first rodeo and I know too much alcohol combined with a losing wager is a lovely combination. Was he great? No, he wasn't but he battled through injury and led his team on a night when had he not been at his best emotionally they could've crumbled. Braxton and Urban kept this team afloat and competitive, when had they not been the personalities they are, this could have been an a**-whipping supreme.

- I have no idea what Braxton is going to do, and I hope he comes back for his sake. In a perfect world, he would get the offense and the offensive playmakers Clemson surrounded Tajh Boyd with, including Chad Morris, but the world ain't perfect. I think Braxton knows without Carlos Hyde as The Hammer next year, he will probably carry the football MORE not less. Factor in the new offensive line, and I get his concerns. But he's improved as a passer each year, and another year of improvement would benefit him greatly. I do not know what he will do.

- As far as the coordinators go, I think there are real questions about both, and that' s Urban's job to address. I think both will be back and I think both have to be better. Luke Fickell will have no excuses next year, because there will be a very experienced line playing in front of better players than he had at his disposal this year. There were a few defenders on the field last night that do not deserve to play regularly next year, and a few others that we should reasonably expect to be better. The secondary better be better, and we saw coaching and personnel changes in the past month.

- I think we saw The Ferrari last night, and it wears orange. That is a great offense, and it will put up points without Boyd and the great Sammy Watkins, Cole Stoudt will put up big numbers in Morris' offense. He wouldn't in Ohio State's offense. Clemson spreads you out and keeps you guessing what's coming next. Ohio State is very predictable, and when the talent tilts toward the Buckeyes you get multiple points and school records. They need to install and improve a more varied passing attack, with more screens, more bubbles, more swing passes to the backs, more throws down the seams to the tight end, and in general get into the 2000's with the passing attack.

- I think Ohio State is in the process of building a roster than can compete nationally, and they're really close. I think next year could be a transition year, but sometimes those years surprise you with undefeated seasons. I think this defense will be ready to compete next year, but I think the offense might take a step back without the great offensive linemen, Braxton and Carlos. The offense could also blow people out of the water, so who knows?

- Spring football is only a few months away and it should be really fun this year for one good reason: It's fun EVERY year. I love spring football, and for me it starts the day the new freshman report, which is next Monday. Onto 2014!!!!

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