SFE Day Two: OSU News

The second day of the South Florida Express 7on7 tryouts saw nearly 100 prospects on hand after the first cut, and the talent level was amazing once again. Who stood out among potential Ohio State targets?

- Day Two saw fewer players on the field, probably 100 or so, but down from over 250 the first day. It was easier to observe the talent with fewer numbers, and Ohio State has a great shot with several of these guys. Good to see Ohio State engaged in South Florida again, after basically neglecting the area the past few years.

- Biggest disappointment? That one is easy: Torrance Gibson went to the Keys to have fun rather than come back with the team. I wanted to see him again, but he knows he's not getting cut, so no big deal. I think we all know what he can do, including the SFE coaching staff.

- The best player on Sunday was Sam Bruce, a sophomore slot receiver and the nephew of former NFL star Isaac Bruce. The little guy is an amazing player, and leaning heavily toward Miami and Florida State. He would fit Oregon or Ohio State to the tee, and should be offered immediately if not sooner. He is small, but a blazer and very strong. He is a combination of Jalin Marshall and Dontre Wilson, with better hands than either of them. It's stunning to think he has two years of high school remaining, and he is definitely a five-star type prospect. He has transferred to St. Thomas Aquinas and will be coached by Cris Carter, and be teammates with Nick Bosa. Time to move on Bruce.

- The Gulliver Prep kids were amazing, and obviously Ohio State agreed, because Zach Smith offering four of them yesterday. Three others are also Ohio State material. Sophomore safety Cedric Wright has a lot of Mike Doss in him, and I would probably have him up there as one of their top players from Sunday. Wide receiver Dionte Mullins is also a sophomore, and also amazing. Easy to see why these two have the great offers they possess today, and more will be headed their way.

- They did actual 7on7 work Sunday, with Saturday being more of a camp/combine workout. They are paring down the roster to get their final number of 30 or so, so they had the best players working together. Sh'mar Kilby-Lane was with the top group, and played in the middle. Since there is no run stopping, he had to get deep drops and cover the middle of the field and that's not his strength. He did take to coaching really well and by the end of the day his drops were near perfect, and he was making plays on the football. Really like this kid a lot. I have him on OSU commitment watch between now and the week after the spring game, which he will attend.

- Devante Peete is a good sized wide receiver and holds an Ohio State offer, but he was very inconsistent Sunday. I think being coached by Cris Carter will help this youngster in his career, and I look forward to seeing him again.

- Kendrell McFadden is the best of the two McFadden's to me, with the other being Torrance Gibson's buddy, Tavarus. Both players hold Buckeye offers, with Kendrell McFadden being committed to West Virginia. He is also visiting Ohio State, Florida State and Alabama in the next few months. Kendrell is a long-armed defensive back, and smooth as butter in coverage. Have to think Ohio State can get in this game once/if he visits.

- It was great to see both Jaamal Berry and Travis Howard again, and although their careers took different paths at Ohio State, both players were selling the Buckeye program for two straight days. Howard with Kilby-Lane and his family, while Berry was with all the Gulliver guys. Both made positive impressions.

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